The Loss that Led Me to Focus on Patient Experience in Chiropractic

In chiropractic school, we are taught to examine, identify problems, create care plans, and to adjust patients. A lucky, or more prepared, few of us may have taken outside seminars to learn [...]

Overcoming Workflow Bottlenecks

Traffic Jams Can running the right reports improve workflow bottlenecks in Dr. Ben’s practice? “Mrs. Wilson!” Pam said, looking up as Carmen came through the door. “Did I hear you talking about [...]

Improving Practice Workflow and Accountability

Quacking Up How can Dr. Ben improve workflow and accountability in his chiropractic practice? Ben smiled reassuringly at his patient, snapped the file closed, and headed to the office. “I think I [...]

Practice Growth Through Chiropractic Software

First Impressions Does Dr. Ben really know how to run his practice growth? Ben sat on the bench in the museum’s Impressionists room, staring at a giant canvas. His wife and son were strolling [...]

Chiropractic Software Management Dashboard

Charting a Course by Dr. Brian Capra Can a dashboard simplify Dr. Ben’s path to his dream practice? Pam’s expression was troubled. “Let me make sure I understand this, Dr. Ben,” she said. Ben [...]

Chiropractic EHR Software | Symmetry Spine and Wellness Center Dream Practice of the Month

Dr. Cynthia Boyd knows how to build a chiropractic dream practice: it takes hard work, a concerted team effort, and the expertise of Genesis chiropractic software and billing staff. “I have [...]

Genesis Chiropractic EHR | New user tip #1 – Practice makes perfect

By Lisa Ogden ~ Profitability Coach for Genesis You can achieve success with the Genesis Chiropractic EHR system and build your dream practice when you and your staff complete the recommended [...]

Optimize your Chiropractic Office Workflow with Custom EHR software

Do you feel anxiety because your chiropractic Electronic Health Record system doesn’t match your clinic’s workflow? Your productivity can suffer if your documentation and forms are [...]

Control Your Claim Flow Visually Using Radar Software

Do you worry about insurance claims payment delays? Lack of control over your chiropractic claims process causes inconsistent cash flow for your practice. If you cannot track and predict your [...]

Chiropractic EHR | How much are No Shows costing your clinic?

Do you know how patient No Shows (NS) impact your chiropractic clinic? When patients do not make their appointments and they leave it up to you to contact them to reschedule it tells you a lot. [...]

Control Claim Flow Visually Using Radar Software

Do you worry about insurance claims payment delays? Peace of mind is hard to come by when you don’t have control over your chiropractic claims process since this affects your practice cash [...]

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