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Chiropractic EHR | How much are No Shows costing your clinic?

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Genesis Chiropractic Software eliminates no shows.Do you know how patient No Shows (NS) impact your chiropractic clinic? When patients do not make their appointments and they leave it up to you to contact them to reschedule it tells you a lot. It shows they do not value the adjustment and they are not making the connection between making all of their visits on time and the improvement in their function or health. It is a BIG warning sign that they are an attrition risk. Your time to save them is running out. At the same time the bottom line of your practice suffers due to decreased revenue and wasted time. Follow up on no shows is mission critical. If a patient stops treatment you might have to return any payments received which further reduces your practice’s cash flow. Not to mention that you won’t be getting any referrals from patients who don’t get better.

As a result, they must be rescheduled with a sense of urgency. They need to your help to reset their goals, expectations, action plan. You have to help them too take responsibility for their role in their own health. It can save their life, give you a great sense of purpose, and be the most profitable conversation you can have in your business.

It is important to know exactly how much income your clinic is losing due to No Shows so that you can measure your improvement.


If you replace the assumptions below with your own numbers you can calculate your estimated No Shows loss per month, just like in the following example.
  • The average payment for one Patient visit is $30.00
  • Daily Cost
    Two no shows per day cost you $60.00 per day:
    2 x $30 =
  • Weekly Cost
    Ten no shows per week cost you $300:
    10 x $30 =
=> Annual Cost
In a year your loss of income is $15,600:
         52 x $300 = $15,600 The good news is that you can reduce this lost income by using Genesis’ scheduling and ticket system to reschedule all No Show patients. Plus, you can view No Show trends at a glance on your Radar Chart. When you make sure all of your patients have another appointment scheduled, relationships improve and your practice grows along with your profits.
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