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Chiropractic Billing Service

Chiropractic Billing Service

A Chiropractic Billing Company for Newly Opened Practices

The team at Genesis understands that you want something that will be efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly when you are looking for a trusted company chiropractic billing software. We provide our chiropractic clients with cutting edge technology so that they can focus more on the chiropractic services they offer instead of the billing. Administrative issues account for one of the top issues that chiropractors have. Billing can become complicated, and one typo or billing error can lead to hours of re-work and phone calls. Instead of paying to train your staff or have a third-party come in to help your team with billing, when you work with us, you will get reliable and useful billing software. Explore ways to streamline your office’s workflow so that you can accomplish more tasks and reduce expenses. An all-in-one chiropractic EHR is your answer to keeping administrative costs low and preventing time-consuming errors. To learn more about what our software offers, give our office a call.

Whether you are in the developmental stages of opening a chiropractic practice or have recently opened your clinic, you must do things right the first time – especially when it comes to your billing. Many chiropractic offices report billing errors as a top issue, resulting in unnecessary expenses and wasted time. As one of the leading chiropractic billing companies, Genesis Chiropractic Software can help you stay organized, be more efficient, and save money.

Genesis Chiropractic Software

Opening a chiropractic clinic can be an invigorating experience, but one that is not without its challenges. Perhaps you have chosen the perfect location, hired a team of incredible staff, and ordered the latest equipment available. All of these things are necessary to have from the very beginning. Another vital part of your clinic, although not as obvious, is a good chiropractic billing company. Before choosing any random software, take the time to research the available options and find one that suits your needs. It can be tempting to opt for generic healthcare software, but choosing software specifically designed to cater to a chiropractic office’s needs is much better to use. It allows you to automate specific billing tasks more efficiently. If you fail to select the right chiropractic billing company initially, you may find that you have to transition into a new billing company at a later date. Not only might this cost you money, but also time.

What You Should Look for in a Chiropractic Billing Companies’ Software

Our chiropractic billing software has been developed by a chiropractor and used by chiropractors since 2004! There are many benefits to choosing Genesis Chiropractic Software over other software; however, you might be unsure about which is right for you due to many options being available. Perhaps you know you want something intuitive and easy to navigate. You want to choose a software that has multiple functions and customization options so that you can easily modify it according to your team’s needs and management style. You may want billing done automatically with very little need for manual data inputting, which may lead to billing mistakes. You want to feel peace of mind knowing the software has done its job and billing for the day is completed. You should have confidence in your chiropractic billing company and their software. This will enable you to concentrate on your clinic and patients. Having the right chiropractic software from the start allows you to save time and boost your patient retention. All of these factors should be carefully considered when you are doing research for the right chiropractic software.

Another thing you might want is software that has been designed for chiropractors. After all, you treat particular conditions. In general, the billing codes used by chiropractors are different from other medical practitioners. Many chiropractors may choose generic software that many other healthcare practitioners use. However, there are drawbacks to using generic software. It can be more difficult to use software that is not designed for chiropractors. It may have less chiropractic-specific tools or programs, so you may spend more time manually putting in certain information. Whether to go for a generic or specific software is up to you, but be aware of the benefits and disadvantages. Ultimately, your chiropractic billing company, and their software, should help you manage the financial side of your clinic. This is what Genesis Chiropractic Software can do for you.

What should you be looking for when you work with a chiropractic billing company?

When you are looking for a company that can help you with your billing workload, you should look for one that can ease your burden and help increase your ability to help the people who come to your office. Ideally, a suitable chiropractic billing company will help you increase compliance, increase profits, and increase patient retention. It should assist you in completing your work faster and reducing the number of errors and issues that obstruct your workflow. Good billing software will help you make sure claims are submitted in a timely fashion, ensure practice is up-to-date with the latest compliance policies, and make sure your patients feel that their information is safe and protected.

Why does it help to use Genesis for my chiropractic billing needs?

We know that at first, it can seem counterintuitive to outsource your billing needs. Why not train your staff to do it? Many chiropractic offices realize the amount of time and money they waste to train staff on billing needs, rework errors that occurred when inputting information, and get outside help to further train staff or fix problems. All of these issues can reduce your clinic’s significantly. They are not only contributing to needless expenses, but they can affect patient satisfaction and the quality of services that your clinic provides. Instead, you can lighten the overhead costs that come with billing so that your staff members are freed up to do chiropractic care and help patients who come in the door. Your team spends less time resolving billing and administrative errors, and more time on directly addressing the needs of patients. When you purchase a chiropractic EHR, you can handle a variety of financial tasks. Our team understands the details of creating software and working with technology, so you don’t have to.

What Our Business Can Do for Yours

You want to ensure that you work with a reputable billing company because it will make your business stand out to everyone who comes through your door. We work hard to make an excellent product because we know our clients are incredible at what they do. Our software is HIPAA compliant and meets all of the security standards. We are known for providing excellent customer service and technical support so that all your needs can be taken care of efficiently. Give us a call to see how our billing company can help your chiropractic office.

A Leading Chiropractic Billing Service

Genesis Chiropractic Software is one of the leading softwares available for chiropractors. Our integrated management system offers a seamless transition between your clinic, management, and billing. Our software has each of the tools you need to manage a thriving chiropractic clinic. By choosing our software, you can feel pleased knowing the platform encourages no mistakes or errors that are often related to manual data entry. At any time, you can review your cash flow and determine what, if any, clinical improvements can be made. Not only does Genesis Chiropractic Software make your billing a lot easier, but it can also provide your patients with convenient billing options. By installing our software, both your team and patients can have a smoother and more positive experience. This, in turn, could help you to retain your patients; something that is crucial to new clinics.

Would You Like to Know More About Our Chiropractic Billing Company?

Genesis Chiropractic Software and billing service offer cloud-based, ONC-certified software for chiropractic clinics of all sizes. Our platform can be easily implemented into your clinic and will allow you to automate nearly all of your management tasks – beginning with billing. You don’t have to spend hours manually inputting information and data. Automation of tasks allows you to quickly and conveniently fill out forms and records more accurately. To learn more about our chiropractic billing company and software, call Genesis Chiropractic Software today.

Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Services

Although it is certainly possible to handle your own billing within your chiropractic practice, it can be very tedious and time-consuming. Running a chiropractic business is already a lot of work, and you don’t need anything else slowing you down. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a chiropractic company for billing.

Faster Claim Payments

By now, you likely know how frustrating it can be to work with insurance companies. They can take a long time to pay claims, slowing down your company’s cash flow. They are not always responsive or reliable. They are difficult to communicate with. If you hire a chiropractic billing service, you can expect your claims to get paid much faster. You can easily keep track of your claims. They have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to settle claims in a timely manner.

Reduce Billing Errors

If you do not have the proper experience dealing with insurance billing, you are more likely to make errors. Billing errors can take a significant amount of time to fix, and one error can take hours to resolve completely. These errors can cost your chiropractic business a lot of money and frustrate your patients. By working with our chiropractic company billing, you can significantly reduce billing errors and save your business money. These professionals check over each form carefully to ensure they will not be denied. Your patients will have a more pleasant experience and will be less likely to encounter billing issues.

Keep Patients Coming Back

Billing services frequently come with user-friendly software that helps chiropractic offices streamline their patients’ intake and financial processes. This means that patients can get in and out of your office in a timely fashion and have a positive experience. They don’t have to wait for an extended time to have their payment or claim processed. Patients will be more likely to come back to your practice and may even recommend new patients.

Reduce Administrative Duties

Preparing and submitting claims can take a lot of time. Your staff members could spend multiple hours every day dealing with insurance companies. This takes time away from helping patients. By hiring chiropractic billing services to take care of this, your staff can spend more time educating patients about their conditions and answering their questions.

Keep Patient Data Secure

Some chiropractors may shy away from working with chiropractic billing services because they are worried about their patients’ private data getting exposed. However, as long as you work with a reputable chiropractic billing company, you can rest assured that your patients’ information will be safe. These companies invest money to protect private information from data breaches.

Improve Cash Flow

When you have a chiropractic practice, you’re likely always looking for different ways to improve your cash flow. By hiring chiropractic billing services, you can do just that. If you have one biller inside your company and they take a vacation or sick leave, it can slow down your cash flow. If you outsource your billing, there will always be someone to take care of your billing, improving your cash flow.

Taking Control of Your Chiropractic Billing

Our chiropractic billing company is available to assist practices in streamlining their billing so that they can maintain their cash flow and mitigate the frequent billing issues that administrative staff often face. As a chiropractic office, making sure that all medical records are protected from any breaches is critical. Understanding protected health information is essential for administrative staff as you will want your patients to have confidence in knowing their health records are kept confidential. Billing is another crucial component for any practice, and unfortunately, many fall victim to several billing mistakes. All of which can have an impact on a chiropractic practice’s ability to remain solvent. Genesis Chiropractic Software can help take the guesswork out of billing, documentation, and more.

Understanding Protected Health Information (PHI)

When a patient receives treatment from a medical provider, they have a right to having their health information protected. Protected health information (PHI) is any information within a medical record generated through diagnosis and treatment. PHI includes documentation of treatment and conversations that happen with medical staff. PHI can include medical documentation, test results, medical billing, and any correspondence with medical providers.

Common Billing Mistakes Made by Chiropractic Offices

Chiropractic practices must avoid the common billing pitfalls that many medical providers experience. Billing issues can result in a delay in payment, which often impacts a chiropractic practice’s bottom line. Claim denials can have an adverse effect on private practice and, as a result, affects your cash flow. Common billing mistakes chiropractic offices experience without the assistance of a chiropractic billing company include:

  • Incorrect/Duplicate Billing is a common mistake made by providers. Tests that have been ordered and canceled later on or billing for services that were never performed can be problematic. While these mistakes are innocent enough, they can impact patient retention and even result in fraudulent claims and fines.
  • Coding things incorrectly can inflate costs for patients. While this is often the result of a clerical error, incorrect coding can result in financial expenses that a patient shouldn’t be responsible for.

Medical billing errors almost always have an impact on the patients that are being served. In many situations, such errors come at an added cost to patients and could result in distrust. Unfortunately, patients may leave your practice as a result. These are all issues that are easily avoidable with the expertise of a chiropractic billing company.

Busy chiropractic offices are often fast-paced environments, and there may be little time to manage problems with billing and unpaid medical bills. Chiropractic practices must focus on patient care. However, daily administrative tasks, coupled with billing issues, medical documentation, and collections, can quickly become a full-time job for administrative staff. Avoiding common pitfalls is critical to ensure that your chiropractic practice can thrive for many years to come. Take the guesswork out of billing, documentation, and collections by considering Genesis Chiropractic Software, a chiropractic billing company with the knowledge, experience, and resources available for your practice.

What are the steps to finding a chiropractic billing company?

Finding the right chiropractic billing company to help your business thrive is essential. With so many options out there, finding the company that best fits your needs can be a hassle. Our professional staff at Genesis Chiropractic Software has the experience and state of the art software to meet all your billing needs. To help you determine if we are the right fit for your business, consider taking the following steps below.

Do your research | There are lots of chiropractic billing companies out there. Take some time to do some research to learn what companies can provide. Leading companies offer software that is easy to use and has features like customizable templates, quick access to patient and financial information, automated electronic health record workflow, and secure HIPAA compliant health information to make processing billing a breeze. Write down what features you will require to reduce the amount of time you spend on billing and focus on your patients.

Set Up Interviews | Just like you would interview an employee before hiring them, you will want to set up an interview with the companies you are interested in. Consider asking the companies to provide a demonstration of their software so you can see first hand if it is user-friendly and understand if you will be able to pick up using it quickly.

Develop a List of Questions | The questions you ask in the interview will help you determine whether chiropractic billing companies like Genesis Chiropractic Software are a good match for your business. Questions to consider asking include:

  • Is the software user-friendly? What kind of features does it include?
    You will want the software to be easy to use and include the features you are looking for.
  • How long does it take to get the software up and running? How time intensive is it to set it up?

You will want to understand exactly what is involved in setting it up so you can set reasonable expectations. Typically, it takes a few weeks until the software is operational.

  • How long are your claims processing periods? What steps does the company take to reduce the waiting period?
    You don’t want to wait long periods of time for money to come in from insurance companies. Learn if and how the company will facilitate a quicker processing period.
  • What kind of training do your employees receive? Is there training specific to the United States and the chiropractic industry?
    Medical billing varies greatly across different countries and industries. Using a company that focuses on chiropractic billing will meet your needs better than a company with a more general focus.


Call References | You should ask for at least three references from companies. References are likely to be honest about their experience. You can learn whether the company was being honest and be aware of the pros and cons of the company.

Select Your Top Candidate | The best part! Select the company that is the best fit for you and start on the road to reducing the burden of billing so you can focus on your patients. With all your new free time you may even be able to expand your business!

4 Reasons Why New Chiropractors Need Genesis Billing Service

Congratulations on starting your practice! As a newly-minted chiropractor, you want powerful tools and resources that help you deliver the best possible patient care. Billing and claims management are key pieces to achieving that goal. And Genesis’ chiropractic billing service gives you four important advantages right out of the gate.

A Smart Insurance Billing Process

Long-time practices face a wide range of challenges when it comes to billing. Legacy billing systems can cost time and money. Manual claims submission and tracking may result in errors or claims falling through the cracks, even with the most competent staff. Genesis’ chiropractic billing service addresses the entire workflow from beginning to end:

  • Real-time patient insurance verifications
  • Billing codes generated from notes and exams
  • Automated claims submission and tracking
  • Automated claims follow-up
  • Underpaid and rejected claim routing

Streamlined Billing and Payments

The last thing you want to be saddled with is slow payment on accounts receivables. Starting fresh means choosing a chiropractic billing service that automates patient billing. With automation, your patients receive their invoices more quickly. In turn, you get paid faster and reduce your collections expenses. Genesis offers automatic patient balance payments plus automated statements. You also avoid the administrative expenses of manual in-house billing plus costly mistakes such as duplicate billing.

Improved Patient Data Security

Naturally, having a HIPAA-compliant system is foremost in your mind. Genesis is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-Certified, with a cloud-based infrastructure using 100% data encryption. It also includes secure real-time backups plus HIPAA-secure online forms and more. These features also benefit you in disaster recovery. With constant backups and no onsite hardware to maintain, you can get your practice back up and running with a laptop and an internet connection.

A Better Patient Experience

Efficient operations in your office significantly impact your clients’ experience. Thanks to Genesis’ robust billing features, your staff spends less time on administrative work and more time assisting patients. Improved billing and claims mean convenient payment options for your clients, plus the confidence that their claims are submitted and processed properly. They also have peace of mind knowing that their medical data is secure. All these factors create a positive experience and engender trust in your practice, both of which contribute to relationship building.

Starting smart is critical for a new chiropractic practice. Genesis chiropractic billing service improves efficiency, accuracy and security — all of which give you a strong start. With these advantages, you can establish your practice and provide top-notch patient care right from Day One.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Collections

Do: Listen to Your Customer

Everyone’s situation is different, and you never know what your customers are going through. Give them a chance to speak, don’t interrupt and occasionally remind them that you’re listening and you want to reach an agreeable solution for everyone involved. Customers are more likely to be cooperative and build a payment plan when they feel heard.

Don’t: Call While Distracted

In the spirit of letting customers know you’re listening, don’t allow yourself to be distracted during the call. Don’t eat, drink, use your cell phone or do another task while you’re working with a customer. By using good listening skills and Genesis Chiropractic Software, you’re much more likely to be successful.

Do: Try To Set a Payment Date

Listen carefully to your customer’s situation and offer as much helpful information as possible. Your goal is to define a hard payment date that the customer is comfortable with, and this may be a lengthy process.

Don’t: Have a Poor Attitude

As a representative of your chiropractic billing service, you should strive to maintain a positive attitude throughout a call. Even if your customer is uncooperative, being respectful and helpful can make all the difference.

Do: Know When To Get a Manager

In some cases, your customer may be unwilling to work with you altogether — you might spend hours trying to establish a payment plan without ever finding a solution, or the customer might refuse to speak to you any further. When this happens, get in contact with a manager from your chiropractic billing service for assistance.

Don’t: Hang Up Without Establishing a Plan

The goal of your chiropractic billing service is to oversee the flow of payment from customers, and a collection call is meant to result in a payment plan. Encourage customers to stay on the line and give you a chance to help them find an agreeable solution. If the customer is persistent about hanging up, offer to get him or her in touch with your manager or another representative.

Do: Be Polite and Professional

Professionalism is everything when using Genesis Chiropractic Software! Let the customers know who you are and which company you’re calling for, and inform them that you’re there to help. Don’t be afraid to open things up by asking customers how they are doing, and let them know you were glad to work with them at the end of the call.

7 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Chiropractic Billing Service

1. How Fast Are Payments Disbursed?

The first thing to find out is how long it will take the chiropractic billing service to pay you. For example, ask if you will receive your funds in as little as two weeks after submitting a bill or will you be expected to wait two months.

2. What Is a Typical Waiting Period?

Both the chiropractic billing service and your office will have to endure waiting periods while working with insurance companies. Your goal is to find one who takes steps to reduce the waiting period and bring you more monthly income.

3. Who Are Your Experts?

There are particular rules and regulations regarding medical billing in the US. Therefore, you want to make sure the experts who will be handling your billing are trained in the laws and regulations of this country. On top of this, you want to make sure they are also experts in chiropractic billing procedures. That will reduce the number of coding errors you experience and increase your total revenue.

4. Do You Specialize in Chiropractic Services?

Genesis Chiropractic Software specializes in the industry, so they are familiar with all the ways to help you increase how fast you receive your funds. That is because they are experts in the field. They know who to talk to and what needs to be done to speed up the process. So when you choose a company specializing in the chiropractic industry, you can expect your bills to be paid more efficiently.

5. Does the Service Come With Software?

At Genesis Chiropractic Software, we believe in integrating billing with your EHR. These modern systems allow for smoother patient intake and management processes. By searching for a provider that offers software, you can ensure your patients are thrilled with their experience in your office and refer others to your practice.

6. Is There Software Support?

So the software is excellent. However, there will still be a short adjustment period when you are shifting to the new system. Because of this, you want to ensure you will be assigned to someone who can help you in this transition. In addition, this individual should help train you and your staff on how to use the new system.

7. What Features Does the Software Include?

You want a system that provides features you will use in a chiropractor’s office. For example, you should find software that includes self-check-in, paperless billing, HIPPA compliance, mobility, cloud-based storage, automated billing coding, user-friendly tools, customizable templates, and automated workflows.

Genesis Chiropractic Software can meet all your billing needs. If you are searching for a high quality, affordable chiropractic billing company, call us today to learn what we can do for you.