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Educational Webinars by Chiropractic Leaders

Chiropractic Leaders Webinars

Dr. Chris Zaino & Dr. Fred DiDomenico | Chiropractic Calling

Learn how to fulfill your vision and the calling in your life with this short webinar.
chiropractic radio show

Dr. Allen Miner | Chiropractic Radio Show = New Patients

Learn how to use radio to bring in hundreds of new patients to your chiropractic office. Radio shows are a great way to reach people.
Weight Loss and Detox

Dr. DelRae Messer | Workshops for Weight-loss and Detox

Learn how to talk about detox and weight-loss with your patients by setting up workshops for weight-loss in your office.

Dr. Shane Walker | Defending the Subluxation

How you can join a group of chiropractic warriors that have a vision to bring chiropractic subluxation adjustments to every family on the planet!
chiropractic philosophy

Dr. Jim Dubel | Chiropractic Philosophy

Learn how to strengthen your chiropractic philosophy and become a more principled chiropractor with this short webinar.
Chiropractic Leaders Webinars

Dr. Allen Miner | Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

Learn the Top 10 Marketing Strategies to bring in new patients to your office and implement them in your practice.
chiropractic success principles

Dr. Dan Yachter | Chiropractic Success Principles

Learn chiropractic success principles and the single most important factor to achieve success in your practice.
Chiropractic Care

Dr. Fred DiDomenico | How to Build Value for Care in Your Office

How to talk about Chiropractic care in your office to each person, so that you build value to that person in front of you.
chiropractic purpose and motivation

Dr. Lona Cook | Chiropractic Purpose and Motivation

Learn your chiropractic purpose, your motivation and how to pay off your student loans in less than two years.
Charlie Majors DC Chiropractor

Dr. Charles Majors | Chiropractic Cancer Killers

Become a Chiropractic Cancer Killer by listening to Dr. Charlie Majors reveal what he does and how you can do it too!
Tabor Smith DC - Chiropractor

Dr. Tabor Smith | Chiropractic Spinal Screenings = New Patients

Learn how to do an effective spinal screening event in your office or out in the community, and see how many new patients you can get.
Dr. Matt Loop Chiropractic social media expert

Dr. Matthew Loop | Chiropractic Social Media = New Patients

Learn how to use Chiropractic social media effectively in your practice, and see how many new patients you can get.
Chiropractic mission trips

Dr. Peter Morgan | Chiropractic Mission Trips

Learn about Chiropractic Mission Trips to impoverished countries with this short webinar presented by Genesis Chiropractic Software
the 100 year lifestyle

Dr. Eric Plasker | The 100 Year Lifestyle

Learn about The 100 Year Lifestyle, a lifetime of health and wellness from the author himself.
new patient machine

Dr. Mike Reid | New Patient Machine for Your Practice

Learn how to create a “new patient machine” for your chiropractic office that will bring in tons of new patients.
chiropractic philosophy

Dr. Ernie Landi | Understanding True Chiropractic Philosophy

When you understand the true Chiropractic Philosophy, your practice will explode with patients.  Can you handle it?
chiropractic success principles

Dr. Stephen Franson | Learn the Success Principles

Learn how Dr. Stephen Franson has taken brand new practices to 500 plus patients per week in months, not in years.
chiropractic marketing

Dr. Michael Beck | Fast Chiropractic Marketing

Learn the fastest way to get more new patients into your Chiropractic Office with the least amount of work.
chiropractic call center

Dr. Jonathan Hyslop | Use a Call Center for New Patients

Learn how to bring in tons of new patients to your Chiropractic Office by using a Call Center.
financial planning for chiropractors

Derick Van Ness | Chiropractic Financial Planning

Learn how to avoid money mistakes and use money saving tips with Chiropractic Financial Planning rules and then implement them.
Chris Burfield

Chris Burfield | Chiropractic Teacher Appreciation Days

Chris Burfield is a top notch chiropractic marketer who is going to show you how to get more new patients through Teacher Appreciation Days!
Chiropractic Hacked Email Prevention

Dan McCoy | What if your email account gets hacked?

Learn what to do if your email is hacked and how it affects HIPAA compliance with this short webinar.
Effective Chiropractic Close by Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco | How to Become a Better Speaker

Learn a close that chiropractors are saying, “Is the most effective chiropractic close ever!”
Man the Phone

Spence Peller | Own the Phone

The truth about how devastating the person who answers your phone can be to your business if they don’t know what they’re doing!
Chris Burfield

Chris Burfield | Chiropractic Instagram = New Patients

Learn how to get more new patients into your Chiropractic Office and then build your tribe on Instagram.
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