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Genesis works on a PC or a Mac.

What hardware do we recommend for use with Genesis?

PC/Mac/Laptop/All-in-One/Desktop (minimum requirements):

  • 4 GB RAM minimum (8 GB recommended for Windows 10).
  • Processor – i5 or i7 or comparable of the most recent generation or the one before.
  • Up-to-date anti-virus and malware software.

The Ideal Setup:

  • An All-in-One touch screen computer in each treatment room.
    • Imagine having your documentation done before you leave the patient.
      • Our clients can update and sign off on a SOAP note with a touch screen in 15 seconds.

Recommended monitor:

  • 23” touch screen because a touch screen can be very helpful to speed up your documentation.


  • A tablet that is a computer (i.e. i5 processor) – it’s a computer whose keyboard detaches so you can use it as a tablet.
    • We recommend the latest Microsoft Surface.
  • For actual tablets (2 GB RAM minimum), only certain pages should be accessed via the tablet as it is not meant to be used to access the entire system (reports, workbenches, etc).
    • Billing and EHR, Schedule, Tasks (though the mobile task interface is better for tablets).
  • iPad 7 (or better).
    • The app ‘My Practice Core’ will allow easy navigation to a few select pages on an iPad, but the pages are still not optimized for a tablet.
      • Although it will allow you to access your provider claims workbench, or task workbench, the ease of use on those pages is less than optimal.
  • Disadvantage: Typing is tedious without a keyboard.

Operating System:

  • Windows vs iOS – The ENTIRE system can be accessed via a computer or laptop regardless of whether or not you are using Windows, iOS, or some variation of Linux. The only thing that matters is the web browser.

Web Browser:

  • Genesis is optimized for Google Chrome, regardless of what PC/laptop/Mac/tablet/iPhone/Android you are using. Chrome is available for ALL of them.
    • We recommend keeping it updated, which it should do automatically.
  • We are NOT fully compatible with Internet Explorer/Edge/Safari. Some parts of the system will work, others will not.
  • The only other browser we suggest is an up-to-date version of Firefox.

NOTE ABOUT YOUR INTERNET SPEED:AT&T PREPAID Velocity Hotspot can be used to access Genesis Chiropractic Software.

  • Ping (a network testing utility) should be a minimum of 50 ms and the speed should be a minimum of 2 MBs down/up. This is a bare minimum for running Genesis on one or two computers and not having anything else running on those computers, for example, no Spotify, Pandora, email, etc.
  • Each computer you add or each program you want to run simultaneously, means your down/up should go up.
  • Our Development Team recommends the highest speed your Internet Provider offers, noting there is typically not that much of a difference in price (between the speed levels), but you would really notice the difference with the faster speed.

What about a personal hotspot Internet connection?An iPhone hotspot can be utilized to access Genesis Chiropractic Software.

  • Genesis Chiropractic Software can be utilized via a personal hotspot connection to the Internet using your mobile phone, for example, an iPhone, an AT&T PREPAID Velocity Hotspot (as shown above), or any other way you can connect.
  • Keep in mind the Internet speed may not be ideal when using a hotpot because it uses a cell phone network (see above for ideal Internet speeds).
  • Any device through which you normally connect to Genesis via WiFi should work on your personal hotspot, as long as you are using Google Chrome as your web browser. Once you are, simply connect to Genesis and use it as normal.

Scanner recommendation:

ScanSnap works well with Genesis Chiropractic Software.
Click the image to learn more.

Get the Best Technology for Your Dream Practice

We’ve assembled some of the best hardware products recommended by our clients for your convenience. You can purchase the exact same office-proven items to get your practice ready to help more patients and streamline your office workflow.

Check out the products that our clients love!

Touch Screen Computers

Our clients use a mixture of desktop computers and tablets for their daily tasks. With all-in-one PCs, providers can get the best of both worlds. Touch-screen computers can be picked up and taken on the way to a patient visit when needed for documentation and then docked with a keyboard and mouse for admin work or follow ups.

Barcode Scanners

Many of our clients have scanners at the front desk and use key tags to quickly check patients in and out. Staff can also utilize printers with wireless and cloud capabilities to print out patient documents from anywhere in the practice or from another location.

Networking Gear

All that is required to use Genesis’s practice management software is an internet connection. Our clients have recommended both wired switches and wireless routers for web access depending on the need of the practice. Genesis’s servers all have emergency backup batteries, and your office computers and networking gear should, too.

Order keytags for your Chiropractic Patients from System ID

Check-in your patients with a keytag in Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Works with any barcode scanner that you have or order one above.


Keytags are for quick Patient check-in

Contact SystemID directly:

Molly Vochatzer
Inside Sales

P: 972-608-7352
P: 800.397.9783

System ID Barcode Solutions
1400 10th St
Plano TX 75074

check in your chiropractic patients with a barcode scanner

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