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Dr. Matt Loop Chiropractic social media expert

Dr. Matt Loop | How Social Media Made Me Rich

Learn how to use Social Media to promote just about anything, but especially your Chiropractic practice.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Fred DiDomenico & Dr. Chris Zaino | The Calling on Your Life

Learn how to discover and then fulfill the Vision and the Calling on Your Life as a Chiropractic Physician.
Chris Burfield

Chris Burfield | Chiropractic Instagram = New Patients

Learn how to get more new patients into your Chiropractic Office and then build your tribe on Instagram.
chiropractic success principles

Dr. Dan Yachter | Chiropractic Success Principles

Learn chiropractic success principles and the single most important factor to achieve success in your practice.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Ed Osburn | Podcasting for Chiropractors

Learn how to create podcasts for your Chiropractic Practice that will bring more new patients to your office.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Heidi Farrell | Chiropractic Office Internal Marketing

Learn how to grow your Chiropractic Practice from the inside out using proven techniques and strategies.

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp | Chiropractic Health Expos and Fairs

Learn how to use health expos and health fair screenings to promote your Chiropractic Practice and then grow your practice.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Beau Pierce | Circle of Docs Network of DCs

Learn about the Circle of Docs Network of Chiropractors and how they can help you solve problems and grow your Practice.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Charles Major | The Cancer Killers

Learn about the Cancer Killers and about how the cause is the cure as written in his book.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. John Davila | How to Keep What You’ve Earned

Don’t let insurance companies, audits, or the board take what you’ve worked so hard to create!
Dr. Fred DiDomenico DC

Dr. Fred DiDomenico | Difference Between Success and Failure

Discover the difference between successful chiropractors and unsuccessful chiropractors!
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Tabor Smith | Maximizing Your Spinal Screenings

Learn how chiropractors are getting 10, 20, and even 30+ new patients from every spinal screening!
Dr. Matt Loop Chiropractic social media expert

Dr. Matthew Loop | Flood your office with new Internet patients!

Learn how to harness the power of social media to produce dramatic business growth while creating new, additional revenue streams.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Joe Ferrantelli | Use X-ray and Posture Software

Learn how and why you should utilize the X-ray and Posture Software that’s integrated into Genesis.
Chiropractic Leaders Podcasts

Dr. Edwin Cordero | What’s the Future of Chiropractic?

Listen to Dr. Edwin tell the future of Chiropractic and how it pertains to Sherman College.