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What’s the Future of Chiropractic look like?

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"What's the Future of Chiropractic look like?"  An Interview with Dr. Edwin Cordero, President of Sherman College!
Dr. Edwin Cordero began his tenure as the fifth president of Sherman College of Chiropractic in January 2013 and is responsible for guiding the direction of a chiropractic college he believes has profoundly influenced – and will continue to shape – the chiropractic profession. He ran a successful chiropractic office for 19 years, frequently speaks at key industry events, and is dedicated to serving the profession.
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What you will learn in this webinar:
  • Dr. Cordero's story and how he became President of Sherman Chiropractic College!
  • How to choose a Chiropractic college, if you're a perspective student looking for a school.
  • How to discover what success is for you, and then go after it!
  • What's in the future for Chiropractic and what can we do as Chiropractors to insure the future of Chiropractic!
  • How you can become a real leader inside the profession and mentor and foster the growth of others!

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