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Genesis Chiropractic Alliances partners with others to meet our common goals. We’re proactive about the business of saving lives. We believe every person should be under Chiropractic care from their first breath until their last. Our proactive profession should use proactive technology like Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Our Genesis Chiropractic Alliances, Organizations, and Integrated Services extend to four categories of partners. These Chiropractic Alliances, Organizations, and Integrated 3rd Party Services are available to you in the cloud with Genesis Chiropractic Software:

  • Chiropractic Organization
  • Business Partners
  • Coaching Groups
  • Technology Partners

The Way Forward in Chiropractic Practice

As a highly professional chiropractor, you’re always looking for a competitive advantage while still providing the best possible care for any patient who is suffering. One of the most effective means of achieving these goals is to form alliances. 

We offer and encourage formal relationships between two or more chiropractic-related organizations that share similar short and long-term objectives. Alliances typically enable your chiropractic practice to realize its potential more quickly than if you pursued an objective alone.

The forward-thinking Genesis Chiropractic Alliances networks professionals who use the best available tools to help their patients enjoy happy, active, and healthy lives. Our partnerships break barriers and advance how chiropractors take care of patients.

Our Chiropractic Alliances, Organizations, and Integrated 3rd Party Services support, inform, and work together with one another to generate business in abundance for each member. We exchange business referrals while maintaining the highest professional integrity.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources

Another of the critical benefits of our Genesis Chiropractic Alliances is that they provide access to the unique know-how of the professionals and other companies with which you are partnering. From sharing marketing strategies to technical expertise to essential patient care strategies, knowledge shared between chiropractors in an alliance exponentially uplifts the entire profession. 

Genesis Chiropractic Alliances gather to exchange ideas and build relationships with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and support. We have established a thriving network of accomplished professionals and businesses and provide an environment where you can develop personal associations with a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving.

Your practice must coordinate with like-minded others by way of cooperative interaction and meaningful communication to achieve success. Genesis Chiropractic Alliances exists to encourage exceptional quality, vigorous interaction, and the active exchange of reliable referrals, so members gain the opportunity to increase their professional standing substantially.

What is the Genesis EMR System?

The Genesis EMR system is the best chiropractic software available today, with more than 9,000 users. You’ll find our software and practice management system is also among the easiest software and billing service systems to implement. We have several years of experience helping chiropractors with seamless management of electronic health records and insurance — with the Genesis EMR system, you can get your claims paid quickly!

The Genesis EMR system is designed and built by chiropractors for chiropractors, adding to its considerable appeal. We integrate state-of-the-art technology into our easy-to-launch chiropractic practice management software system. This results in a chiropractic EMR platform that is both highly affordable and powerful enough to help you automate your practice management and increase your practice profitability.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of these extraordinary resources!