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Things to Consider When Choosing a Chiropractor EMR System

Chiropractor EMR

When you are looking for a Genesis chiropractor EMR system, you might realize there are several options to choose from. You might even wonder whether or not you should have one. Having a chiropractor EMR system however comes with several advantages. They can streamline your workflow and make patient charting much easier. As most chiropractors will agree, an EMR system can make the operation of a clinic a lot easier. To help you understand more about chiropractic EMR systems, please review the following considerations:

Define Your Main Objectives

Take some time to think about what features would be most important in a chiropractic EMR system. How could a chiropractor EMR benefit how your clinic conducts different tasks? What tasks are you spending too much time on? Consider what areas in your workflow could use more improvement on. Identify the problem areas so you know what issues the EMR should solve. You might even want to sit down with your staff and ask them what their must-haves would be. Having your staff specify their preferences clearly can help you decide which EMR is right for your business. What qualities and functions are they looking for in a chiropractor EMR? Do you want autonomy from desk tasks? Are you seeking to improve your workflow? Could your notes need improving? It is important to define what you want your EMR to achieve, so be sure to do this first!

Research the Prospective Company

Reputation is important, and you want to choose a company that has a record of creating a quality product and consistently positive testimonials. Know what you want in a company and don’t settle for anything mediocre. Take a look at the prospective company and what they have to offer. How long have they been around? What are other chiropractors saying? How is the quality of their customer service? Does the EMR have customizable functions? Are they willing to discuss your needs with them? Do they answer all your questions and concerns in detail? Is there room to build a relationship, or are you buying software only? Outline a list of pros and cons so decide which company has the best offer suitable for your clinic’s needs.

Will You Get Training?

To ensure you get the most out of your chiropractor EMR system, you will almost certainly need training. Adapting to new technology takes time and you want to make sure you’re able to get the proper training. You don’t want to get an EMR only to find out there is no training available, or it takes too long to get the hang of the software. Before ordering an EMR make sure sufficient training resources are provided. Is there a technical support professional you can reach at any time in case any issues occur? Make sure you ask the EMR company about whether or not training is available. If it is, you might also want to ask them:

  • How many hours of training are included?
  • Is the training online?
  • Are there any documentation or tools available?
  • Is there 24/7 technical support available?
  • Is additional training available? If so, what is the cost?

Is a Demo Available?

Many chiropractic EMR companies will offer a free demo version. This can be very useful as it allows you to get a feel for what is included in the system. During the demo, you will learn how to navigate the home dashboard and features step by step. You may want to create a list of questions that can be asked during the demo. You should also note which features you would like more explanation on. Some chiropractors will prepare common scenarios and ask the company to walk them through those in the EMR system. Ask the company how many demonstrations are available? Ideally, more than one so your staff can also take a look at what is going on. Several staff members should be present during a demo so they can also learn about an EMR’s features. After a demo, you can discuss your thoughts on the ENR.

Review the Capabilities of the System

The right chiropractic EMR system should automate most processes within your practice. In addition to support and training, a good company might also offer other services like insurance billing services, management, appointment reminders, and more.

Review the Costs

Not every EMR system offers the same core functionalities. Some EMR systems may be cheap, and as appealing as that might be, these tend to lack feature development, support, capabilities, security, and more. At Genesis Chiropractic Software, we update our software on a regular basis and ensure that it remains compliant with any changes in the government or medical industry.

EMR System Considerations

An electronic medical record (EMR) system is defined as a record of health information that is stored electronically, where an individual can be entered and managed by clinicians and staff members who are authorized to do so at an organization. Essentially, this is the digital equivalent of paper records/charts. As your revenue and number of patients grows, an EMR can be a good addition to your clinic so that you are better able to handle the high volume of cases. An EMR system has the potential to result in significant benefits to those who work for healthcare-related facilities, such as a chiropractic clinic. This system has the capability to facilitate smoother workflow, improve patient care quality, save money, and enhance productivity. The extra time spent on training and becoming familiar with the full capabilities of an EMR system is well worth it once you start seeing positive results.

If you decide to contact Genesis today about installing a chiropractor system EMR, we can talk with you further about how this can provide the following key functions:

  • Access to past and new test results
  • Easy access to patient details, including allergies, test results, x-rays, medications, diagnosis, and treatment plans
  • Secure online communication between medical providers and their patients
  • Computerized scheduling systems and other administration tasks
  • Automatic billing invoices sent to patients after treatment is rendered

By choosing to hire Genesis as your provider for an EMR system, patient data can be tracked easily over a long period of time. It can help to identify who is due to checkups, screenings, and treatments. This allows you to improve your communications with patients. Many clinics that decide to implement an EMR system find that they see an overall decrease in their expenses and operational costs. Spending money on paper, printers, ink, and staff labor can easily result in thousands of dollars every year being spent, that would otherwise not be as large of an expense if an EMR system were installed. Moving to electronic systems of storage can save you both time and money. EMR systems can help chiropractors and other healthcare professionals boost the safety and quality of patient care. Chiropractors can easily access a patient’s health records through the software and get the information they need quickly.

An EMR system was also created to assist patients and their loved ones in becoming more involved in the treatment process. Patients can receive educational resources through the EMR software system, such as links, articles, and photographs related to chiropractic care. At Genesis, we know that giving your patients the safest and most personalized care is probably a top priority for you. We believe that an EMR system can help you achieve exactly that.

4 Ways To Know Your Practice Is Ready for an EMR

1. Your Information Systems Are Robust

A significant aspect of using a chiropractor EMR is having the right technological support. Do your IT staff understand your goals for the EMR system? Have you mapped out how your current hardware will work with the EMR? Do you (or someone on your team) have the know-how to integrate data between your current systems and your EMR system? If you answered yes to these questions, you probably have the technical systems in place to make the best use of your EMR.

2. Your Project Management Skills Are Sharp

Transitioning to a new EMR system is a significant project. It’s important to have a plan for how each step of the process will be implemented. Have you named a person to be in charge of each step? Have you completed a cost-benefit analysis? How will you determine whether the EMR system is having the benefits you expect? At Genesis, we want your EMR system to enhance your business, and a significant part of that is making sure that your team is ready to undertake this important project.

3. Your Organization Is Excited

Even the best chiropractor EMR system won’t help your business if the organization as a whole isn’t excited about using it. Having a team that is ready to invest the time into setting up the system and learning how to use it is pivotal for success. Does your organization have a clear vision for the benefits of the system? Have you talked with practitioners, office staff, and patients to gauge their support? Is there a small group of employees that can champion the project? This small group can help get the rest of the organization on board with using an EMR. They can talk through potential issues and put others’ concerns to rest.

4. Your Training Process Is Clear

At Genesis, we understand that transitioning to a new way of working is hard. When you’re planning on implementing a chiropractor EMR in your practice, you have to consider how you will teach your providers and office staff to use it. Are your staff generally comfortable with technology or will some benefit from extra support? Does everyone have the time in their workday to attend training? How will you know when someone is confident in using the system? Help your staff utilize the EMR to its full potential by supporting their learning process.

FAQs About Chiropractic EMR and EHR?

Lately, you may be wondering if you should switch from a chiropractor EMR to an EHR. The best way to make this decision is to learn more about these two software types so you can figure out which is better for your office.

What’s the Difference Between Chiropractic EHR and EMR?

To fully understand what you’re dealing with, it’s best to start with the basics. In that case, you should know what chiropractor EMR means. EMR stands for electronic medical records. Likewise, you’re going to need to understand what EHR means – EHR stands for electronic health records.

At first glance, these may seem like the same thing. However, these programs are vastly different. We at Genesis Chiropractic Software are here to outline the differences. EMR is a much older term and refers to maintaining electronic records rather than paper ones. These are the same as they were when companies first developed electronic software. Meanwhile, EHRs are software models that create more comprehensive files and can easily be shared between offices and medical professionals.

How Do Paperless Offices Tie Into This?

When companies first developed the chiropractor EMR software, people soon believed that offices would go paperless. While that has yet to be achieved, many offices reduce the number of paper files they keep, saving offices time and money.

If you still rely primarily on paper files, you can still experience the panic associated with the potential loss of a patient’s file. Therefore, swapping to an electronic system provided by Genesis Chiropractic Software can reduce the stress you experience in your office.

Is an EMR Paperless?

You’ve probably heard that EMRs aren’t much different than paper systems and that they are outdated. After all, they are essentially a digital version of a paper file. That said, they eliminate the need for paper files and allow you to keep records on computers. With these, you may need paper for billing and scheduling. Because of this, you will not swap to a completely paperless office when you implement an EMR, and they can serve as a great stepping stone to the EHR.

Swapping to an electronic records system can significantly improve your chiropractic office. Not only will you be able to save time and money, but you also won’t have to worry about losing paper files. In addition, that will let you spend more time tending to your patients. So invest in an electronic system today to start reaping these benefits.

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Based on the information provided above, we hope that you are leaning towards contacting us to have questions answered or to book a demonstration. Many chiropractors have found that adding an EMR has proved to be a good decision for their practice. Now that you have a general idea of how an EMR can enhance your clinic operations, you can discuss with your staff what your priorities are. There are a lot of factors to consider before you decide on adding a chiropractic EMR to your office. Though adapting to new technology may be difficult at first, in the long run an EMR can solve many workflow issues you and your staff may be experiencing. It is our goal to give you quality services and support, so that you can continue to do what you do best taking care of people. As a chiropractic professional who focuses on alleviating pain and helping others achieve wellness, we understand that having the most dependable EMR system is crucial. Take the time to evaluate what services you are looking for before you set up a demo. To learn about our EMR chiropractor system, call us at Genesis now for a review of our services and to schedule your first demonstration.