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Why Genesis Focuses on the Patient Experience

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The patient experience is our focus.

The Patient Experience is our Focus… and here’s WHY

We here at Genesis Chiropractic Software are always talking about the patient experience. In fact, we designed our software around the idea of putting the patient experience first. But, you may be wondering why it’s so important. Here’s why we focus on the patient experience and why you should too.

#1 – More Choices

Patients have more choices than ever before of where to spend their healthcare dollars. This means that if they don’t like the way they are treated in your practice, they have no problem finding another office. And, when they do that, you don’t just lose money, you lose the referrals that patient could have sent your way and the boost to your reputation you get from the great things patients can say about you.

#2 – Consumer Awareness

Along with the increased number of healthcare choices patients now have, they are also more aware of their power in the marketplace. Healthcare, chiropractic included, now has to focus on customer service in the same way other businesses do to ensure our patients feel respected and heard. After all, if the cost of treatment at your practice is the same as at the clinic down the street for the same care, the only other differentiator is the customer service you provide.

#3 – Happy Patients Mean Happy Employees

Good customer service and satisfied employees go hand-in-hand. After all, your staff wants to wake up each morning and feel that the job they are doing is important. They want to know that they are actually helping patients. By providing good customer service, focusing on the patient experience, and building a patient-centric practice your staff benefits too.

#4 – Increased Profits

When you have happy, engaged patients and a staff that loves their work, your profits go up immeasurably. In fact, Genesis Chiropractic software helps our users increase collections by 62% per visit.

#5 – Patient Loyalty

In the end, focusing on the patient experience boils down to one thing — patient loyalty. Patients that are happy with their care, encouraged to keep their scheduled visits, and whose billing and treatment issues are handled quickly and efficiently continue care and refer others, building your practice.

For all of these reasons, Genesis Chiropractic Software is the one practice management software you can count on to put the patient experience first. With Genesis, you can rest assured that each and every interaction your patient has with your practice is handled optimally so that you build a patient relationship you can be proud of.

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