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Your Staff Needs Single Point Management

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Single Point Management

Single Point Management: How Genesis Delivers an Exceptional Customer Experience

The idea behind Single Point Management is to deliver one number at the end of the workday. In an instant, you or your staff can see if all office work has been completed or not. There is no ambiguity; it’s either 0 tasks left or it’s not. The concept of Genesis Chiropractic Software is built around the single point management platform, and as we will discuss today, has numerous direct and indirect benefits for your staff.

In a standard reactive office setting, staff member hours are often wasted looking for work to complete. Usually there is little incentive to complete these lost tasks. Sometimes unfinished work, due to staff illness or vacation time, is handed off to other staff members who may not be familiar with all of the details involved. This can often lead to reduced job satisfaction and increased turnover, as well as reduced attention for incoming patients.

Imagine having a system setup from the beginning that does not depend on staff wasting time looking for work to do?

What if, instead of a boring routine of meetings, designed to review mistakes or issues with your staff, you had only a few meetings, mostly designed to celebrate office successes?

What if you had a staff that went out of their way to give patients an amazing experience the moment they walked in the door, all because they could manage their tasks in an objective, direct manner?

Imagine having a system setup from the beginning that does not depend on staff wasting time looking for work to do?

~ Dr. Brian Capra

It’s not enough to have a set of loose guidelines for your staff to follow. As time goes on, people will cut certain steps out to save time, likely due to overwork. This begins to cascade as more members on staff do the same, looking for ways to be more efficient. Ultimately, you could miss critical patient data. Either way, it looks like a lack of good customer service to your patients, reducing their trust in your office.

You must lay out specific tasks for each member to take, have it well documented, and then have an accountability system in place that objectively scores their process for the day. This leads not to resentment but accountability. If certain staff members are having an issue with compliance or keeping up with workloads, our single point management platform will diagnose the specific issue and allow for direct and real time action to be taken. Do you need to assign additional staff to a specific task? Are you growing quickly and need to hire additional staff? These questions can be discussed in an objective manner and steps can be taken to proactively respond to the needs of the office. All thanks to the way our Genesis Chiropractic Software was designed.

For today’s chiropractic office, having a system in place that delivers efficiency and effectiveness, plus is scalable is critical to your success. It’s your staff that delivers the majority of the customer experience. Give them the tools they need to give you the advantage, and make your practice more successful.

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