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Quantifying the Patient Experience

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Everything is the Patient Experience

See how well a pro-active chiropractic practice can operate with a consistent Patient Experience.

As chiropractors, we know our main goal is to continuously achieve optimal health for our patients. The core principles of this goal include imparting the philosophy behind our profession, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and giving our patients the confidence they need to believe in your services, all for the sole purpose of increasing their well-being.

The question is… how can we do that consistently, without fail, every time a patient comes in to your office? How can you optimize their experience? How can you know for certain that level of achievement is assured?

Practices that operate on the “management-by-fire” method, are always harping at a stressed out staff, and are never going to achieve the success they could. It governs on a reactive process, looking for the problem to correct after the fact. It doesn’t matter if it involves a patient no-show, an expired care plan, billing issues, or long waits; the outcome rarely changes because the process to prevent it is not part of the equation before the patient enters the building. Deep down, you know this is not the way to conduct your business and this is certainly NOT how high level operations work.

Yet, these are all factors that can be dealt with BEFORE they become a problem.

Every single one of the problems listed above have to do with the patient experience.  When you realize that it’s your responsibility to prevent them from becoming negative factors in your practice AND you have a solution to them BEFORE they become problems, then you have a pro-active practice… One that can offer a unique experience for your patients and create the successful, highly efficient practice you have always wanted.

Genesis Chiropractic Software takes these seemingly minor tasks, along with numerous fully-customizable operations, (all of which are involved in the day to day management of your office), and it gives you the ability to quantify your patient’s experience. It offers the patient an optimal and seamless experience from the time they enter your facility to the time they walk out the door. You have instant feedback on where each patient is in their treatment plan, what billing concerns they may have, and any other mission critical factors that might keep them from having the best experience during their visit.

The team at Genesis Chiropractic Software is here to help you see how well a pro-active chiropractic practice can operate with a consistent patient experience. By offering you a unique, fully customizable software solution geared to any size practice, you can offer your patients an optimal experience every time they visit you, increasing patient retention rates and continuing to offer them an opportunity to achieve optimal health.

You have many choices when it comes to EHR software solutions for you and your office. After our Initial Practice Evaluation, we can show you how our solution can benefit you by giving you more control over your patient flow, as well as letting you greatly increase your cashflow!

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