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Genesis Support is Customized Just for You!

Why Customer Support Matters Matter

There is no doubt that the EHR software market is large, and it offers numerous options for doctors and their offices in the chiropractic field. Why do we think we offer the paramount software solution for today’s Chiropractor and their staff? Because we know to there is more to it than just providing a comprehensive EHR package. Several competitors are out there trying to duplicate many of our key features.  While they might get close, we truly have something that separates us from the pack.

Customer support is usually not something that sells products; most everyone buys features and benefits of the product being sold. Features like ONC certification, intuitive SOAP and EHR documentation, and other aspects of leading edge software are critical to your success. But when you buy EHR software, you need to consider how easy it is to get assistance if and when you need it.

“Their customer service and training have blown me away!” ~ Dr. Gary Dillon

The amount of guidance needed varies from office to office. Some doctors and their staff take up the challenge and dive right into the program, utilizing every manual and tutorial we offer to get the most out of our program as quickly as possible. Others who may not be so gung- ho, like a newly graduated doctor or those who’re looking to make a change after many years of working with a competitor’s program may need additional help. This is where we shine. Our support is customized just for your needs.

At Genesis, we know the challenges you face as a doctor. We offer initial live support for our new clients as a way to bridge the gap and get you comfortable with your EHR office solution. And while we can say this, we think it’s better to read what some of our our current clients think about what we provide AFTER the sale.

Diane Gottlieb works at Wheaton Family Chiropractic in Illinois and has this to say: “I am the CA in the office and I rely on tech support to help me out when I run into difficulty. They are easy to contact and extremely helpful, not to mention patient.”

Dr. Gary Dillon of Ashland, Kentucky said, “Their customer service and training have blown me away! They are really here to help you versus our old EHR and billing that seemed like they were only there to collect my money for themselves.”

Finally, an Office Manager at Beard Family Chiropractic named Justin Chambliss has this to say: “If I ever have any issues or I need help I can get someone to help in a timely manner, usually within an hour if I send a message.”

You have many choices when it comes to EHR software solutions for you and your office. After our Initial Practice Evaluation, we can show you how our solution can benefit you by giving you more control over your patient flow, as well as letting you greatly increase your cashflow!

Find out how Genesis can be customized for your practice.

Customization for your practice needs

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