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Optimize your Chiropractic Office Workflow with Custom EHR software

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Do you feel anxiety because your chiropractic Electronic Health Record system doesn’t match your clinic’s workflow? Your productivity can suffer if your documentation and forms are not integrated into your clinic’s workflow. And if your EHR software does not match your workflow your clinic’s profitability will also take a hit since you don’t get paid for documenting.
Updating your chiropractic software for the ever-changing documentation requirements can be just as costly as customizing your forms since those need to be distinctive for your specialty and practice.

Aside from those financial aspects, you also need an EHR system that is easy to use since you don’t have time to learn new software or enhance your limited technological skills.

Ideally, your system should help you streamline your office and save you time on documentation. Features like scoring and computation should be included for increased accuracy of your patient documentation.

Genesis chiropractic EHR increases efficiency and ease of use for you with customization options to match your clinic’s unique needs. You can make our EHR documentation (xDocs) entirely your own by integrating your old forms and practice logo.

You can save time by using checkboxes and auto-population of patient data when creating new notes for existing patients. All new forms are automatically and instantly tied to your patient database. Best of all, you can create them while still table-side with your patient instead of having to catch up on documentation after office hours.
You can also have your patients fill out their intake forms at your clinic’s patient kiosk to speed up and improve patient data collection. Genesis EHR Documentation (xDocs) also includes insurance verification forms, chiropractic notes, and a specialized package for chiropractors: the Chiropractic Bio Physics Suite.
Contact your Profitability Manager to activate your xDocs within your Genesis EHR system.
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