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Genesis Chiropractic EHR | New user tip #1 – Practice makes perfect

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chiropractic EHRBy Lisa Ogden ~ Profitability Coach for Genesis
You can achieve success with the Genesis Chiropractic EHR system and build your dream practice when you and your staff complete the recommended training prior to going live. Chiropractors who wait until they actually see patients to learn the system “on the go” commonly run into the following 4 problems:

  • Frustration: Not being able to use something when you most need it can be very frustrating for anyone. Even more so when your livelihood depends on it.
  • Wasted time: Without establishing a level of comfort, documenting a patient visit can take much more time than Genesis is designed for.
  • Compliance issues: Very similar to the paperwork that might be piling up on your desk, not getting to know your Genesis system can often result in incomplete and/ or unsigned SOAP notes. Unsigned notes are a major compliance or audit risk.
  • Delayed payments: Payers don’t submit payment for incomplete or unsigned notes.

The good news is that these four issues do not occur for practices that take the following 4 steps PRIOR to going live with their Genesis platform:

Step 1: Participate in live online training session with Genesis staff: Our staff will walk you through proper visit documentation, step by step.

Step 2: Create mock patient accounts: Spend time documenting several test patient visits including note sign-off and claim submission. Document the type of visits that are common for your practice. Document initial and follow up visits. Initial visit documentation will obviously take more time than follow up. You should be shooting for under 2 minutes for documenting initial and 10 seconds for most follow up visits.

Step 3: Customize your Genesis platform: After you have spent some time getting to know your new platform, you may discover that minor customization is needed to improve efficiency. Schedule a second live training session to learn how easy it is to improve your user experience with customization.

Step 4: Practice documenting: Now that you have made some minor tweaks to your documentation platform its time to practice documenting again to ensure you have everything set the way you want it. Your goal should be to document a visit, sign off on your notes, and submit a claim while the patient is still in your office. If you haven’t achieved this level of efficiency yet, it is important to contact your profitability coach and discover what might be holding you back.

Take the time to get to know your new platform to eliminate frustration and achieve the top tier performance you are looking for with your chiropractic EHR.


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