Genesis Chiropractic Software Webinar Teaches Three Key Practice Compliance Skills

Industry leaders unveil tested strategies in chiropractic practice management software to increase office compliance and save practice owners time and money in this short new webinar. Genesis [...]

Chiropractic Software Patient Education Increases Compliance

Personal Growth Could patient education help reduce Dr. Ben’s exasperation with compliance? Ben pulled a weed viciously. His wife looked at him with raised eyebrows. “What did that dandelion ever [...]

ICD-10 Strikes Back

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness of ICD-10. The system was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a means of standardizing the categorization of diseases, signs [...]

PQRS | How These Four Letters Affect Your Practice | Webinar Q&A

Unless you are billing the right set of PQRS codes on 50 percent of your qualifying visits, then you will lose 2 percent of your allowed reimbursement in 2016 and forward. As a result, you may [...]

Appreciating the Layers

By Kathleen Casbarro ICD-10 changeover represents a multi-level issue for practice owners What makes the ICD-10 changeover so challenging? “You just have to know your onions,” said Carmen, waving [...]

The Roller Coaster of Collections | Where is My Money III

By Charles Pritchard The Ups and Downs of Cash flow Give a Chiropractic Clinic Owner Anxiety Which areas of Ben’s clinic are most difficult to track? The roller coaster of collections drove Ben [...]

Tracking the Variables | Show Me the Money II

By Michelle Corrigan — Profitability Coach Chiropractic Clinic Owner Must Address Billing and Payment Delays What variables affect how quickly Ben gets paid? Being in the dark about his [...]

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