Genesis Chiropractic Software Webinar Teaches Three Key Practice Compliance Skills

Industry leaders unveil tested strategies in chiropractic practice management software to increase office compliance and save practice owners time and money in this short new webinar. Genesis [...]

Patient Education for Chiropractic Practices

Complications Does the complexity of Dr. Ben’s patient education needs require a complicated solution? “It’s nice to be in someone else’s restaurant for a change,” Carmen remarked. “Someone else [...]

Chiropractic Software Patient Education Promotes Compliance

Getting Past No Can Dr. Ben get past the negativity and work out a solution for his patient education needs? Carmen was helping Jonathan with his homework when Ben arrived home from work. He [...]

Chiropractic Software Easy Patient Education

What Do You Really Want? Is knowing what he wants a good enough starting point for Dr. Ben’s patient education program? “I know you’re all about systems,” Ben began, pouring a cup of coffee for [...]

Chiropractic Software Patient Education Increases Compliance

Personal Growth Could patient education help reduce Dr. Ben’s exasperation with compliance? Ben pulled a weed viciously. His wife looked at him with raised eyebrows. “What did that dandelion ever [...]

Chiropractic Software Management Dashboard

Charting a Course by Dr. Brian Capra Can a dashboard simplify Dr. Ben’s path to his dream practice? Pam’s expression was troubled. “Let me make sure I understand this, Dr. Ben,” she said. Ben [...]

Chiropractic Business Tips – Riskiest Investment is a 401K

13 Reasons Why Your 401(k) Is Your Riskiest “Investment” by Garrett B. Gunderson As a financial advocate to business owners, I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals, most of whom diligently [...]

Do You Know Your Practice Management Metrics

Too Many Variables How can Dr. Ben effectively put his information and ideas into his chiropractic practice? Ben closed his office door gently and pulled his chair up to the desk. He pulled his [...]

Chiropractic Software Practice Analysis

Why Do a Dream Practice Analysis (DPA)? Can Dr. Ben help his partners see why he wants to do a DPA when they only see why not? Ben shut his office door quietly behind him and gave a deep sigh. He [...]