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What Do You Really Want?

Is knowing what he wants a good enough starting point for Dr. Ben’s patient education program?

“I know you’re all about systems,” Ben began, pouring a cup of coffee for his wife.

“You know it,” she said, breathing in the heady aroma.

“So I’m going to lay this out in a completely systematic way. First, patient noncompliance is a big problem, not just for us but for medical professionals all over the country. I hear that noncompliance costs the U.S. $290 billion a year.”

Carmen raised her eyebrows.

“Beyond that, patients who follow through on their treatment plans and show up for their appointments and make the lifestyle changes we recommend–”

“Compliant patients, in other words,” Carmen said.

“Those patients see better results, are happier, and are less likely to go elsewhere for future treatment. In fact, having patients who adhere to their treatment plans leads to a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare delivery system. It also means less patient churn and more professional satisfaction for us.”

Carmen nodded. “Very clear so far. Patients who do what you tell them are a good thing.”

“Point two is that patients who really understand what’s going on are more likely to cooperate with us and follow through on the things they’re supposed to do.”

“Ergo, patients need to be educated.”

“Ergo makes it sound especially important. Do you mind if I use that when I pitch this to my partners?” Ben smiled and Carmen returned his smile.

“So I think we need a clear, systematic way to educate our patients,” Ben continued. “It needs to be something all of us can use everywhere in the office, and ideally our patients should be able to share it at home, because we know that home support makes a lot of difference.”

“Then you need to be able to email it to them, whatever it is,” Carmen suggested. “That’s the easiest way to share things.”

“Right. And people respond best to visual information, so it can’t just be a letter or something like that.”

“Hmmm.” Carmen pursed her lips thoughtfully. “I’m sold on the idea that you need to educate your patients to increase compliance, and that you need some kind of tools to accomplish this.”

“Good,” said Ben, sipping his coffee.

“Now what? Is it time for the big sales pitch where you show me a set of encyclopedias?”

“I don’t think encyclopedias will do it. In fact, I don’t know what will do it.”

“At least you know what you’re looking for,” Carmen said.

“That’s what I figured. I have a clear idea and I can go out and find a solution.”

“If you explain it that systematically,” his wife suggested, “your partners might even help you.”

“Especially if I say ‘ergo,’” Ben finished with a wink.

Is knowing what he wants a good enough starting point for Dr. Ben’s patient education program?
Disclaimer: For HIPAA compliance, all characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.
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