Improving Practice Workflow and Accountability

Quacking Up How can Dr. Ben improve workflow and accountability in his chiropractic practice? Ben smiled reassuringly at his patient, snapped the file closed, and headed to the office. “I think I [...]

Chiropractic Software Patient Education Promotes Compliance

Getting Past No Can Dr. Ben get past the negativity and work out a solution for his patient education needs? Carmen was helping Jonathan with his homework when Ben arrived home from work. He [...]

Chiropractic Software Easy Patient Education

What Do You Really Want? Is knowing what he wants a good enough starting point for Dr. Ben’s patient education program? “I know you’re all about systems,” Ben began, pouring a cup of coffee for [...]

Into the Fire

Poor Communication Turns Up the Heat in the Office How do staff problems affect Ben’s chiropractic practice? “Ben? Can I talk to you about something serious?” Ben turned to his wife in surprise. [...]

Dr. Allen Miner, Wellness Radio Expert!

Have you ever wanted to know “How To Start Your Own Radio Show”? Genesis Chiropractic Software brings you Dr. Allen Miner, host of Albuquerque’s number 1 wellness radio show [...]

Chiropractic EHR | “The Cancer Killers” by Dr. Charles Majors

Have you ever wanted to help someone with cancer, but you didn’t know what to tell them? It’s a very sensitive subject. What can you do to help your patients get the education they [...]

Set measurable goals for practice growth with Key Performance Indicators

Some chiropractors may chose the wrong Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the success of their clinics. Among the most frequently used metrics are charge growth, payment growth, patient [...]