Improvements to the Genesis SOAP note coding

Dr. Brian Capra quickly demonstrates an improvement to the Genesis SOAP notes coding feature. If you click the new button with an arrow on it, then you can copy the diagnosis codes and the [...]

Overcoming Workflow Bottlenecks

Traffic Jams Can running the right reports improve workflow bottlenecks in Dr. Ben’s practice? “Mrs. Wilson!” Pam said, looking up as Carmen came through the door. “Did I hear you talking about [...]

Improving Practice Workflow and Accountability

Quacking Up How can Dr. Ben improve workflow and accountability in his chiropractic practice? Ben smiled reassuringly at his patient, snapped the file closed, and headed to the office. “I think I [...]

Chiropractic Business Tips – Riskiest Investment is a 401K

13 Reasons Why Your 401(k) Is Your Riskiest “Investment” by Garrett B. Gunderson As a financial advocate to business owners, I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals, most of whom diligently [...]

Do You Know Your Practice Management Metrics

Too Many Variables How can Dr. Ben effectively put his information and ideas into his chiropractic practice? Ben closed his office door gently and pulled his chair up to the desk. He pulled his [...]

Chiropractic Software | Improve your practice performance by choosing a singular focal point

Can you prioritize the many daily tasks at your chiropractic clinic without feeling anxiety and puzzlement? Getting a singular focal point for you and your staff is necessary for building your [...]