Practice Growth Through Chiropractic Software

First Impressions Does Dr. Ben really know how to run his practice growth? Ben sat on the bench in the museum’s Impressionists room, staring at a giant canvas. His wife and son were strolling [...]

Patient Education for Chiropractic Practices

Complications Does the complexity of Dr. Ben’s patient education needs require a complicated solution? “It’s nice to be in someone else’s restaurant for a change,” Carmen remarked. “Someone else [...]

Chiropractic Software Patient Education Promotes Compliance

Getting Past No Can Dr. Ben get past the negativity and work out a solution for his patient education needs? Carmen was helping Jonathan with his homework when Ben arrived home from work. He [...]

Chiropractic Software Easy Patient Education

What Do You Really Want? Is knowing what he wants a good enough starting point for Dr. Ben’s patient education program? “I know you’re all about systems,” Ben began, pouring a cup of coffee for [...]