Your Data and Practice Management Metrics

Big Data? Can Dr. Ben get the benefits of data-informed decision making in his Practice Management? Carmen stomped around the kitchen, slamming cabinet doors, and mixing ingredients furiously. [...]

Chiropractic Software Dream Practice Analysis Happiness

Happiness is a Dream Practice resulting from a Dream Practice Analysis and a map to get there. Has Dr. Ben considered all the possible returns on his investment? “Honey, I’m home!” Ben sang out [...]

What Business Owners Should Prepare for in the Current Political Environment

Do Business Owners overpay taxes? by Brett Sellers, CPA with Garrett Gunderson We find that 93 percent of business owners are overpaying on their taxes, yet 100 percent say they don’t prefer [...]

Chiropractic Software Practice Analysis

Why Do a Dream Practice Analysis (DPA)? Can Dr. Ben help his partners see why he wants to do a DPA when they only see why not? Ben shut his office door quietly behind him and gave a deep sigh. He [...]