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Workflow Management

el-150x150Traditional practice management systems do not help users combat a sense of loss of control, cashflow unpredictability, and lack of patient feedback. Genesis, on the other hand, is a web-based practice management solution. It automates day-to-day task management, integrating scheduling, documentation, patient education, and chiropractic billing within a single workflow management control module.

Genesis has a unique workflow engine that makes it easy to focus on patient relationship and practice profitability. The system automatically roots out problems and creates tasks for you and your team. — so there is no question of what needs to get done and who needs to do it.

workflow-management1Genesis places Patient Relationship Risks in 3 main categories and pushes all of those items to one list for completion:

  1. Revenue (Cash/Insurance) workflow
    1. Insurance claims processing and payment posting
    2. Claims follow-up workflow management
    3. Inventory management
    4. Credit card validations
  2. Patient retention workflow
    1. No-shows
    2. No future appointments
    3. Expired careplans
  3. Compliance workflow
    1. Unbilled visits
    2. Unsigned notes

This allows you, as a practice owner, to quickly identify, at any time:

  1. How much work is there?
  2. Are you staffed properly to handle the daily work load that is being generated?

Redefining Teamwork and Improving Patient Service Perception

Patient referrals grow in step with their perception of your expertise and your staff teamwork. Genesis generates the tasks for your entire practice staff automatically. It also organizes these tasks neatly on individual workbenches and keeps tabs on each one.

If you use Genesis chiropractic software, you know your entire practice performance and all of your backlogs instantly. In an organization that uses a centralized task tracking system, teamwork means eliminating backlogs. The best team player is the member with the smallest backlog.

Genesis workflow management software includes:

  • Automated Alerts
  • Automated Task Checklists across Scheduling, Documentation, and Billing
  • Task Manager Console
  • Task Audit Sampling
  • Three-way Backlog Tracking
    • Individual
    • Role-Based
    • Departmental

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