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The Secret
to the Unparalleled
Genesis Solution

What does it take to graduate from Chiropractic school? Determination
What does it take to start your own practice? Guts
What happens when you couple determination and guts with the revolutionary power of Genesis?

More revenue, more retention, and a practice management strategy that actually works.

What Will All-In-One Mean to You?

All of the tools your new practice needs in one easy-to-use platform.

Increase Practice Revenue

  • Get paid in full and on time, control your practice’s performance, and maintain compliant chiropractic notes during your chiropractic billing process
  • Free yourself mentally and physically to focus on growing your dream chiropractic office
  • Check eligibility, check outstanding balance, collect co-pays, accept credit cards
  • Use the point of sale/inventory control module for DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and any other related products
  • Automatically capture and submit claims in real time (avoiding days, weeks, even months of lost processing time)
  • Improve your chiropractic billing performance and demonstrate your chiropractic billing expertise and teamwork using instant charting tools.
  • Analyze chiropractic billing performance and focus on patient relationship building

Increase Patient Retention

  • Use your own ONC-certified chiropractic notes
  • Follow up on no-shows
  • Build and demonstrate teamwork
  • Schedule and check-in patients
  • Configure reminder calls
  • Focus on your patients, not on your documentation. Use iPad or similar device to take chiropractic notes while treating the patient
  • Educate patients and improve patient compliance using software animations built-into your documentation
  • Use iPad or a similar device for chiropractic intake forms

Increase Visit Compliance

  • Ensure documentation and coding are complete within 24 hours of the visit
  • Make it easy for patients to pay bills, schedule appointments and stay committed to their care
  • Automatic compliance alerts notify you instantly of potential compliance risks
  • Family and Friends who work tirelessly to make sure you never fail an audit
  • Round the clock experts focused on making sure you spend every possible moment with your patients

All-in-one at a glance


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