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About Your Data Security & Liability

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Your data is locked in the cloud with Genesis Chiropractic Software data security.<

What Software Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Data Security & Liability

8 secrets they keep and the truth you need to know

For Your Data Security:

  1. What are the two types of systems?
  2. Do you still own your data if it is stored in the cloud?
  3. Will you be able to access the data if you switch chiropractic software companies?
  4. Can a cloud based company hold your data hostage if you leave?
  5. Where is my data safest?
  6. Where is the easiest place for a hacker to get data?
  7. Is there any liability if your data is stolen?
  8. Will the government ever really enforce these laws?

View the 30 minute video below for the answers to these questions about your software and chiropractic billing service.


Learn more about your data security during a hurricane.

What is the Genesis financial data transfer policy?

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