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Video Feedback from the User Training

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These 3 DCs enjoyed the user training at the Next Level Coaching Seminar.

Genesis Chiropractic Software User Training was held at Next Level Coaching back on Sept. 15, 2017.

These 3 DCs attended the user training session and they gave their honest assessment afterwards.

The Genesis Patient Experience User Training Session went well. We partnered with Dr. Michael Buffington and Next Level Coaching and we created a unique opportunity to get more out of Genesis Chiropractic Software and Chiropractic Billing Service and also get motivated to crush it in practice on Monday morning!

Participants learned how to create an amazing patient experience (Genesis Px) plus learned how to leverage Genesis’ unique Single Point Management technology, features, integrations, and automation.  There was also an open Question and Answer period where questions were answered by the Founder and CEO of Genesis Chiropractic Software, Dr. Brian Capra and the COO Jason Barnes.

In the video below, Dr. Ryan French actually quoted what Jason Barnes taught him, “Let’s stop feeling how we are in our office and let’s look at specific data that shows us exactly what we’re doing in our office, so that we can get past those feelings and get to the facts where we want to be.”

Your data is locked in the cloud with Genesis Chiropractic Software data security.The Genesis Chiropractic Software support and onboarding process has been perfected over 10 years.