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Financial Data Transfer Policy

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Data transition across different software vendors is always a predicament. Billing Precision safeguards HIPAA-sensitive and financial data and protects our clients against data loss in three ways:

  1. We back up frequently all client data,
  2. We enable the clients to download data independently and at their convenience directly from our user interface,
  3. We offer custom bulk data download services.

By the way, did you know that you can use the software without the billing service and avoid transition headaches? Talk with your Coach for more details.

General Policy

  • Access to reports and manual downloads by the client are included in the standard hosting fees during the termination period. ($99/mo – partial months are counted as full months)
  • Client may maintain data hosting services for $99/mo, and can terminate at any time.
  • Client may reactivate an account temporarily for $99/mo.
  • Additional services or custom formats may be available by request as per the standard hourly service fees and as per the fee schedule below.
  • Billing Precision does not assume responsibility for loading the data into any third party system or for formatting the data in any way other than the format listed below.
  • Below is a list of some of the most common data requested for transfer. Access to all of these are included in the standard hosting fees, except items specifically marked.

Common Data Requests

  • Patient Demographics – one-click download into CSV format
  • Schedule Information – one-click CSV report by date range
  • Practice Financial Data – dozens of summary and detail reports by date ranges; most reports can be exported to CSV format
  • Patient Financial Data – individual patient ledgers can be exported to CSV format, one at a time or all at once via the practice ledger report.
  • Claim Followup Information – individual claim logs can be downloaded as CSV files claim by claim or patient by patient
  • Electronic Health Records – completed narratives can be downloaded patient by patient into a text file format; $99 fee for technical support to download all completed narratives across all patients into one text file
  • File Attachments (e.g., X-rays) – individual attachments can be downloaded;

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