Code of Conduct

By Kathleen Casbarro New coding regulations: A major adjustment for chiropractors What will the new ICD-10 codes mean for Ben’s practice? “I’m a lucky man,” said Ben. His wife Carmen had brought [...]

The Roller Coaster of Collections | Where is My Money III

By Charles Pritchard The Ups and Downs of Cash flow Give a Chiropractic Clinic Owner Anxiety Which areas of Ben’s clinic are most difficult to track? The roller coaster of collections drove Ben [...]

Tracking the Variables | Show Me the Money II

By Michelle Corrigan — Profitability Coach Chiropractic Clinic Owner Must Address Billing and Payment Delays What variables affect how quickly Ben gets paid? Being in the dark about his [...]

How This Chiropractor Built His Own Call Center To Bring In Droves Of New Patients On Autopilot!

Dr. Jonathan Hyslop is the Founder and Chief Marketing Executive of NEA’s Call Center.  They can help you bring droves of new patients into your office without the hassle of hiring [...]

Chiropractic Billing Compliance | How to audit-proof your practice

An Audit Proof Practice is what Dr. Ben needs.  That was definitely NOT money well spent. Ben felt red-hot anger building up inside him like boiling lava in a volcano right before its eruption. [...]

Chiropractic Software | New Network Members November 2013

Seventy-nine new members across fifty practices joined Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network in November 2013! There is strength in numbers due to the shared knowledge – we call [...]