The Loss that Led Me to Focus on Patient Experience in Chiropractic

In chiropractic school, we are taught to examine, identify problems, create care plans, and to adjust patients. A lucky, or more prepared, few of us may have taken outside seminars to learn [...]

ICD-10 | 100x More Complicated | Q&A

As your practice is preparing for the impending ICD-10 changes, you might have many questions concerning chiropractic billing procedures and software requirements. To help you get the answers you [...]

Appreciating the Layers

By Kathleen Casbarro ICD-10 changeover represents a multi-level issue for practice owners What makes the ICD-10 changeover so challenging? “You just have to know your onions,” said Carmen, waving [...]

The Roller Coaster of Collections | Where is My Money III

By Charles Pritchard The Ups and Downs of Cash flow Give a Chiropractic Clinic Owner Anxiety Which areas of Ben’s clinic are most difficult to track? The roller coaster of collections drove Ben [...]

Tracking the Variables | Show Me the Money II

By Michelle Corrigan — Profitability Coach Chiropractic Clinic Owner Must Address Billing and Payment Delays What variables affect how quickly Ben gets paid? Being in the dark about his [...]

Chiropractic Billing Compliance | How to audit-proof your practice

An Audit Proof Practice is what Dr. Ben needs. That was definitely NOT money well spent. Ben felt red-hot anger building up inside him like boiling lava in a volcano right before its eruption. [...]

Chiropractic Billing Compliance | Can you reduce your audit risk?

Ben was forced to put all of his plans on hold. After paying the $30,000-fine to Blue Insurance they would have to cancel their Euro trip for another couple of years. He hated disappointing his [...]

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