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Compliance Worries Eliminated

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Eliminating Compliance Worries was Key for this High-Volume Practice

Genesis Chiropractic Software offers today’s Chiropractic office a dramatic edge in in compliance. In 10-15 seconds, this no-read, no-write, touch screen system allows you to spend more time with your patients and reduce any worries about compliance and audit risk. Today’s feature article is about a doctor who operates a high-volume practice and was tired of worrying about compliance issues as his practice grew.

Compliance Worries EliminatedDr. Tony Nalda, D.C. at Celebration Family Chiropractic in Florida, had real concerns about patient compliant documentation.  As his practice grew to over 1500 patients a week. He was having a hard time with other EHR systems and needed a find a way to both manage his patient care and eliminate the worries about patient compliant documentation that comes with a high-volume practice like his. When he found Genesis Software, he knew he had found his solution.

“I never really had a system where I could actually change notes and update them directly,” says Tony. “It’s not only helped me to stay compliant but I’ve stopped worrying at night while I sleep whether or not the documentation is right, because I am able to do it in real-time. It’s amazingly complete.”

Dr. Nalda’s practice is a blend of cash, insurance, and personal injury, and as such, he worried about being able to maintain the level of compliance needed to continue his success. But, Billing Precision’s  Genesis Chiropractic Software is designed to maximize efficiency while maintaining compliance standards. Automatic compliance alerts embedded in the Genesis Chiropractic Software ensures that you are aware of potential compliance risks.

“The documentation has been amazing for me and my practice and allowed me to stay on top of things, where I really had a hard time with other systems I was using previously.”

Genesis Chiropractic Software excels where other systems fail because it becomes infinitely more valuable as your practice grows. By using Genesis software, your practice will see increased patient revenue, retention, and compliance. And, your practice can continue to operate in any configuration, whether as a cash, insurance, and/ or personal injury.

No matter what size of practice you have, Genesis Software for Chiropractors gives clients all the tools they need to stay compliant and sleep easy knowing you are using the best system available to give your patients the care they deserve.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the confidence and peace of mind that comes with Billing Precision and Genesis Chiropractic Software.

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