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Dr. Beau Pierce Circle of Docs Chiropractic Network

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Genesis Chiropractic Software Hosts...

"How to use Circle of Docs as a Resource in Your Practice!"


Let Circle of Docs grow your practice for you!  Learn how to find research articles, marketing strategies, and other practice growing tips from the COD website!

As a second generation DC, Dr. Pierce has been exposed to the idea of total wellness for over three decades. Dr. Pierce represents an emerging digital generation that has proved social networking and online connectivity translates into growth and strength.
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Dr. Beau Pierce
     In this training you'll learn...
  • A simple way to find research articles and use them as patient education in your practice!
  • The power of having a resource like Circle of Docs at your fingertips.
  • Where you can go to get help, ask questions, and learn from other Docs who have already been through what you are going through.
  • How to maximize free online tools in your practice to give your patients a better experience in your office!

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