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Dr. Fred DiDomenico The Difference Between Success and Failure

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Genesis Chiropractic Software Hosts - The Difference Between Success and Failure!

You're About to Discover the Difference Between Successful Chiropractors and Unsuccessful Chiropractors!
Dr. Fred DiDomenico is the founder of Elite Chiropractic Coaching.  He is a life-coach who has helped hundreds of doctors build highly successful practices! 
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What you will learn in this podcast:
  • The mindset of a successful Chiropractor!
  • Why eternity is defined by the time between learning what you know you should do, and actually doing it.
  • How to change the way they feel, so you can change the way they think!
  • It's not just about your personality and passion.  It's about finding what fulfills you in your life!
  • The difference between success and failure!

And that's just a tiny sample!

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