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7 Ways to Increase Practice Revenue

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Increase chiropractic practice revenue with Genesis.

7 Ways Genesis Chiropractic Software Helps Increase Your Practice Revenue

Genesis Chiropractic Software is far more than just an EHR. It’s more than just a billing tool. Genesis is a full practice management system that delivers a generous return on your investment. In fact, practices that switch to Genesis see on average a 62% increase in collections, a 26% increase in patient retention, and a 32% increase in documentation compliance. All of this translates into higher revenue for your practice. Let’s take a look at the seven ways Genesis drives revenue growth for your chiropractic practice.

#1 – Stay In Control

With Genesis, you are in complete control of your practice’s performance. You know when something has been missed and when you need to adjust so that your practice always runs optimally.

#2 – Gain Big Picture Focus

Thanks to the peace of mind Genesis brings, you gain the freedom you need to focus on growing your dream chiropractic office. Genesis takes care of the day to day so that you can work on the big picture.

#3 – Maintain Compliance

Compliant chiropractic notes streamline your chiropractic billing process, making sure your claims are paid with less hassle.

#4 – Make Getting Paid Easy

With Genesis, you can quickly and easily check eligibility and outstanding balances before patients are seen to ensure prompt payment. Genesis also gives you a platform to collect co-pays, run recurring payments, and accept/store credit cards so that it’s easy for your patients as well.

Genesis is a full practice management system that delivers a generous return on your investment.

#5 – Better Manage Inventory

Use the point of sale/inventory control module for DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and any other related products to better manage your inventory and regulate your costs. No more problems with overstocking or loss of revenue due to inadequate supplies.

#6 – Improve Claim Management

Automatically capture and submit claims in real time, avoiding days, weeks, or even months of lost processing time. Faster payment increases the time value of your money.

#7 – Chart Your Performance

Improve your chiropractic billing performance and demonstrate your chiropractic billing expertise and teamwork using Genesis’ instant charting tools. With Genesis, you never have to wonder how your practice is performing. Our software gives you a simple way to analyze chiropractic billing performance and focus on patient relationship building to boost practice growth.

It’s easy to see the value Genesis Chiropractic Software brings to your chiropractic practice. By putting you in control, allowing you to focus on big picture growth and making managing payments, claims, inventory and billing performance easy, Genesis supercharges revenue growth.

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