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Genesis Kickstart

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Increase retention, revenue and compliance with Genesis Kickstart.

Why You Should Kickstart Your Chiropractic Practice with Genesis

Here at Genesis, we work with a lot of doctors who are ready to improve their practices, pull their documentation into compliance and better handle both their staff and their patient experience. But, Genesis is just as important for new practices. In fact, using Genesis from the very beginning can allow your practice to launch faster, better and with less challenges. That’s why we created our Genesis Kickstart program.

You see, we understand that new doctors don’t always have the financial resources they need to get the best of the best, like Genesis. After all, they often have not only loans to cover build out, imaging equipment, tables and more but many times large student loan debt hanging over their heads as well.

But, we didn’t want these doctors, who are the future of chiropractic, to have to sacrifice quality in the name of saving money. With Genesis Kickstart, they don’t have to.

With the Kickstart program, new practices are able to access over 20 vital practice tools for one very low monthly fee. These tools allow them to power their entire practice and grow faster than they dreamed possible. In fact, statistics show that new practices that use our Chiropractic Software have proven increases in revenue, patient retention and compliance.

But, you’re probably wondering how much Genesis helps. Well, here are the hard numbers. our Chiropractic Software delivers a 32% increase in documentation compliance, a 26% increase in patient retention, and a 62% increase in revenue. This makes Genesis a game changer for a new practice.

Because we want to be part of shaping the future of chiropractic as a partner with these new practices, we’ve set the fee for our Kickstart program incredibly low. For just $97 per month practices are able to access the amazing benefits Genesis delivers.

This makes Genesis a game changer for a new practice.

But, because we set the price so low, we also had to set a cap on who we could accept into our Kickstart scholarship program. For now the Genesis Kickstart program is only available to new practices at or under $60,000 in funding and revenue per year. This allows us to help these practices become successful right from the very beginning.

If you’re just starting out and want to access the incredible gains in documentation compliance, patient retention and revenue Genesis delivers, then don’t wait. Apply to the Genesis Kickstart program today. Genesis is not only a highly valuable and rewarding platform for start-ups, it will help you mold your practice into the picture of success. Whether you’re in the development phase or looking to start generating more patients, Genesis is something that can help you succeed online and especially offline in your practice.


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