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Introducing Genesis KICKSTART

A Scholarship Program For Brand New Practices

Unleash the power of Genesis’ #1 practice management and growth software for a fraction of the cost with Kickstart. Because a new practice shouldn’t be held back by a tight budget.

Ready, set, grow!

Or, What is Genesis?

What is Genesis Kickstart?

This scholarship gives you 20+ practice tools starting at $97 per month.

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Chiropractic Practice Management

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Give Your Startup a Helping Hand

This scholarship gives you 20+ practice tools starting at $97 per month.

“Genesis Chiropractic Software is uniquely able to address the needs of my practice, my research agenda, and the needs of the doctors around the world. There is simply nothing else like it in today’s EHR market.”
Kickstart Your Chiropractic Practice
Dr. Deed Harrison, CBP President/CEO
“With Genesis, I don’t have to worry whether or not my business is running smoothly. I can focus on helping my patients.”
Kickstart Your Chiropractic Practice
Dr. Chris Zaino, Abundant Life Chiropractic
“Genesis’ software features like red flag compliance warnings in real time & automated patient chart compliance checklists give me peace of mind because I don’t have to worry about mistakes.”
Dr. Charles Majors uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.
Dr. Charles Majors, Planet Chiropractic

“Practice success depends first on getting the right people ‘on mission’”

Dr. Brian Capra, President & Co-Founder, Genesis Chiropractic Software

Power Your Entire Practice with Genesis Chiropractic Software

Statistics show that new practices that use Genesis Chiropractic Software have proven increases in revenue, retention and compliance.


increased chiropractic compliance

Patient Retention

Increase chiropractic patient retention


increase chiropractic practice revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my start-up eligible?

For now the Genesis Kickstart program is only available to new practices at or under $60,000 in funding and revenue per year. If you’re unsure if your practice is eligible, fill out the application, and a Kickstart representative will get back in touch within 24 hours.

How can I get my coaching or franchise group into the program?

The Genesis Kickstart program is currently offered at additionally discounted rates for our strategic alliances, including CBP, Elevation Health, and Maximized Living. We look to ally ourselves with organizations in particular that provide help to their startups in the form of seed stage funding or coaching, as well as that work to further chiropractic.

What happens after our first year?

The Kickstart Program currently provides a grant for 80% off the software Year One. During your subscription period, you have access to a practice success coach and account manager who will help manage your membership. Prior to your renewal date, you will have the option of continuing with the program at a Year Two grant of 50% off the software.

What does the setup process look like?

With the Kickstart program, you have access to the same support, education, and training resources as all other Genesis customers. You can find an overview of our setup process in the Kickstart materials you get when you sign up for a free consultation. We generally look at a 2-3 week onboarding process.

What does Genesis do?

Genesis is a web-based practice management software that combines the tools and training you need to increase revenue, retention, and compliance. You can find a complete overview of Genesis here.

How much does Genesis cost?

The Genesis Kickstart program includes a Year One grant of 80% off the standard monthly fee, and Year Two will provide a 50% grant.

How do I apply to Kickstart?

In order to apply, please fill out the application above. No practice is eligible without applying.

What does Genesis integrate with?

Genesis integrates with all of our strategic alliances, found here. We are always working on new integrations and relationships based on feedback from our clients.

Is Genesis right for my new practice?

Genesis has been demonstrated to be a highly valuable and rewarding platform for start-ups. Whether you’re in the development phase or looking to start generating more patients, Genesis is something that can help you succeed online. If you’d like to speak with someone about what Genesis can do for you, just fill out the application and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you.

How much time should I expect to spend in Genesis?

The time involved depends on how much of the solution your practice uses. Our average benchmarks are generally under 15 seconds for visit documentation and under 2 clicks per action item.