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Optimizing Your Practice Workflow

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Eliminate memory management with Genesis Chiropractic Software workflow

Optimizing Your Practice Workflow with Genesis Chiropractic Software

Automating the workflow of your chiropractic practice is vital to avoiding workflow bottlenecks, improving patient care and boosting your revenue growth yet many practices still rely on memory management to complete their daily tasks. If your practice falls into this category, it’s time to discover the power of workflow optimization to experience increased patient retention, compliance and profits.

To better understand the importance of workflow to your practice, let’s take a look at the five characteristics of an automated workflow.

#1 – Tasks

Tasks are the daily activities that must be completed for your practice to be successful. Everything from billing to reminder calls and patient treatment falls into this category. Your EHR should break down each and every task for you so that at the end of the day you know what has and has not been completed without the need to comb through piles of reports.

#2 – People

These are your staff members and you, yourself — the people who will be responsible for performing all of the daily tasks your practice requires.

#3 – Roles

The role of the chiropractor is different from that of the office manager. Your EHR should define which staff member is suited to perform each task optimally.

Why do many practices still rely on memory management to complete their daily tasks?

#4 – Processes

Processes are the sequences of steps to be performed based on your business goals to complete all daily tasks. Your EHR should automate your workflow, eliminating bottlenecks and redundancies.

#5 – Practices

Practices are what actually occur day-to-day in your office. Your EHR should help streamline your practices, improving efficiency as well as the patient experience.

With these characteristics in place, it’s easy to see how automating your workflow provides value to your chiropractic practice. That’s why we built Genesis Chiropractic Software to optimize each of the characteristics and provide chiropractic practices everywhere with the most responsive, proactive practice management system ever created.

Our chiropractic software platform is built on top of a proprietary chiropractic workflow management architecture, which is designed to automate the majority of your practice management tasks, starting with insurance billing.

In addition, our advanced chiropractic workflow management system includes automated alerts and task generation.  Genesis was designed from the ground up to eliminate the need for memory management, promote practice teamwork, and improve patient communication and relationships.

The Genesis system is designed and built by chiropractors for chiropractors, integrating leading technology with easy-to-launch chiropractic practice management software system; a chiropractic software platform that is affordable and powerful enough to help you automate your practice management and increase your practice profitability. If you’re ready to harness the power of workflow automation and the increased revenue, patient retention and patient compliance it brings, you’re ready for Genesis Chiropractic Software.

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Workflow is also called Single Point Management

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