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Care Plans Improve Patient Care and Boost Revenue

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Improve Patient Care and Boost Revenue by Automating Your Patient Care Plans


Using a Care Plan for your patient is a critical tool that you need to ensure the success of your Chiropractic practice. They allow you to track the financial commitments your patients have made to your office, their adherence to their scheduled visits and even provide you with timely alerts to ensure you’re able to handle issues as they come up.

The reason care plans are so vital is that when a patient walks through your door and you want to help that person achieve and realize their health goals, that patient will have to commit to more than one visit to make that happen. One visit is never going to solve the problem.

A care plan makes it clear to patients how many visits are planned, how they’re going to be charged, how they’ll make payments and finally, how they’re going to schedule those visits. And, they allow you to know when a patient is off track.

Genesis Chiropractic Software automates your patient care plans to ensure all of these functions are performed optimally, with very little time commitment involved to set them up. You simply create a new plan, set up the visit counts and schedule. The care plan will bill all insurance visits first, then all cash followed by any visits that are free.

Setting up care plans with Genesis allows you to have a more clear financial conversation with your patient.

Setting up a care plan with Genesis allows you to have a more clear financial conversation with your patient. They know exactly how much they will be billed and when. They understand how many visits they will need to make and when. There is no ambiguity.

And, once the visits are scheduled, the patients can automatically receive a reminder call or text message reminder, making it less likely they will forget their appointments.

With Genesis, you can even automatically set a re-exam schedule. For example, every 10th visit the patient will have a re-exam to determine whether their care plan needs to be extended. You can also set alerts to pop up, for example a “Medicare 12 visit re-exam alert.” This ensures every patient is receiving optimal care and no required exams are missed.

Genesis even offers pop-ups as your patients check in that can count down the number of visits they have remaining on their care plan, the number of visits covered by insurance remaining, etc. The options are endless.

You also benefit from Genesis and patient care plan automation through better financial forecasting. With Genesis you can track your active care plans to determine how many patient visits you can expect for the next month and the financial implications of those visits to more accurately predict your income.

And, that’s not all. Once a patient has a care plan established, the system alerts you immediately should they miss a scheduled visit. This means that you can take steps to get the patient back on track and prevent them from falling out of care. And as you know, retention boosts revenue.

It’s clear that automating your patient care plans with Genesis Chiropractic Software can greatly contribute to both the care you provide your patients and the financial success of your practice. Take advantage of the features offered by Genesis and create your dream practice today.

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