Learn How To Turn Your Patients Into Lifetime Cancer Killers!

     In September 2010 Dr. Charles Majors was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain.  He chose to leave conventional medicine, and applied the same [...]

Chiropractic EHR software | Improve patient retention with Care Plans

Does paying your monthly overhead stress you out because your chiropractic clinic is plagued by patient no-shows? It is impossible to predict your clinic’s cash flow when your patients are [...]

Learn How To Share The 100 Year Lifestyle With Your Patients

     The 100 year lifestyle… If you charted the life expectancy curve of Americans over the last 100 years, you would see a line starting at the bottom left corner of your page and heading [...]

Chiropractic EHR Software | Symmetry Spine and Wellness Center Dream Practice of the Month

Dr. Cynthia Boyd knows how to build a chiropractic dream practice: it takes hard work, a concerted team effort, and the expertise of Genesis chiropractic software and billing staff. “I have [...]

Chiropractic Compliance | Check exclusions list to avoid denied claims

Dr. John Davila explains the importance of checking the LEIE or list of exclusions of individuals or/and entities for all staff members at your clinic to avoid chiropractic billing issues such as [...]

Win $500 for Telling Your Best Patient Story

Win $500 for Telling Your Best Patient Story! Have you had any funny situations with your patients? Would you like to share them with us? We would love to hear your stories. Tips for Your Story [...]

Chiropractic Billing | Cut your learning curve with In-Context Help Pages

Help is there for you. The old adage that time is money certainly holds true for busy chiropractors who want to improve their clinic’s profitability by implementing new chiropractic EHR [...]

Dr. Ernie Landi Shows You How To Grow a 1000 a Week Practice

     Since the beginning of Chiropractic as we know it, the “Chiropractic Philosophy” has been the corner stone of our profession.   Some chiropractors seem to know it, practice it, [...]

Chiropractic Software | Improve your practice performance by choosing a singular focal point

Can you prioritize the many daily tasks at your chiropractic clinic without feeling anxiety and puzzlement? Getting a singular focal point for you and your staff is necessary for building your [...]

Select the right metrics to improve your clinic’s billing performance

How often do you rely on your intuition when selecting a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for your chiropractic clinic to track? Have you ever avoided hiring a person who did not “look the part?” [...]

Chiropractic Software | New Network Members September 2013

Seventy-seven new members across 52 practices joined Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network in September 2013!    There is strength in numbers due to the shared knowledge – we [...]