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Ripe for Success

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By Kathleen Casbarro

Will Ben’s new tech solution lead to the perfect outcome?

“So…?” Carmen asked with an upward lilt that made it into a question, “how’s the documentation going?”

“Thanks for asking,” Ben said, dropping a kiss on her nose. “I think it’s going to be good. You know I’ve been going back and forth a bit on how to approach the need for greater specificity in our documentation.”

Carmen rolled her eyes. “I’d noticed. But I can see why, too. It’s hard to know exactly what you need to do and what the consequences are likely to be.”

“Turns out the new software we’ve been looking at has an internal auditing process. Basically, I think we can work with the coaches to find out just how we can use our documentation to build the right ICD-10 codes, and actually try it out and see how far we are from perfection.”

“And if you’re not quite perfect, you’ve got some time to work on it.”

“Exactly. We’ll be able to see what practices we don’t yet have in place. We won’t be taking a shot in the dark and hoping we’re on the right track.” Mike sniffed. “Is that sauteed mushrooms I’m smelling?”

“Yes. Mushroom ravioli tonight, with a fresh marinara sauce and garlic bread. Just a little good home cooking.”

“Very good home cooking. Can I help?”

“Come keep me company while I add a little squeeze of lemon.” Ben followed Carmen into the kitchen, where their son was already sitting at the table coloring.

“I really feel like things are coming together,” he told his wife as he ruffled his son’s hair. “Just having a clear plan and a clear goal makes all the difference.”

Carmen beamed.Ben held up his hands in mock protest. “Are you about to tell me some special way in which this reminds you of pizza?”

“Not at all.” Carmen busied herself plating the ravioli and ladling on sauce. “I could however say that it’s like having a great recipe and setting out all the ingredients, measured and ready, before you begin to cook.”

She added a slice of toasted garlic bread on each plate. “That’s the way you get a perfect outcome. It’s not that you don’t have work to do, but you have it all laid out clearly, so success is easier.”

“I’ll take that,” Ben smiled.

Will Dr. Ben’s new tech solution lead to the perfect outcome?
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