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Chiropractic software is ready for ICD-10

Genesis Chiropractic Software has been ready for the coming ICD-10 changes since last Summer 2014.  ICD-10 will have a huge impact on your Chiropractic Practice because your codes increase from 14,000 to about 65,000 codes!  All of those codes are already in our software and your practice must implement them by October 1, 2015.  We’ve produced these webinars so you can learn all about it.


“Doctors who are relying on shortcuts provided by GEMS mapping for ICD-10 are headed for financial disaster!”
– Dr. Evan Gwilliam, ChiroCode Institute

We’ve produced a very timely webinar in mid-August 2015 on ICD-10, specifically for Chiropractors. You will learn how the GEMS mapping system is not the quick fix that you’ve been looking for. You’ll also learn what the Insurance Companies don’t want you to know about ICD-10 coding, so then they can deny your claims. Click to watch before it’s too late.

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ICD-10 coding Webinar for Chiropractors

ICD-10 Webinars produced in the Fall of 2015

View these free webinars at your convenience to see what Genesis has built for your Chiropractic Practice.

ICD-10 for Chiropractic Practices is now upon you

Posted Sept. 9th 2015. Description: Watch this free webinar to understand what we have built for your practice regarding ICD-10. See the new interface. See how ICD-9 codes are mapped to ICD-10 codes. Watch how to find new diagnosis codes with a search tool and how you can mark them as favorites. Learn how to setup a fake patient and a fake payor to practice using the intuitive interface. Run a report to find your most commonly used diagnosis codes from the past year.

Genesis Presents Dr. John Davila teaching on ICD-10

Posted Sept. 11th 2015. Description:  This free webinar features Dr. John Davila of Custom Chiro Solutions who tells you what’s important to know for the new diagnosis codes and what’s less important.  For example, it’s extremely important that your documentation narrative matches your diagnosis codes precisely.

ICD-10 for Chiropractic Practices is here!

Posted Oct. 1st 2015. Description: This free webinar will show you how to use the new ICD-10 interface for choosing diagnosis codes in your documentation. See the mapping of ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes, find the new diagnosis codes and create favorites. You can also practice using a fake patient and a fake payer with your most common diagnosis codes. Review the back end processes, initial vs. subsequent and macros also.

ICD-10 Macros for Chiropractic Practices

Posted Oct. 7th 2015. Description: This free webinar on diagnosis codes is more specific. It’s all about Macros. They’re the pre-set SOAP Note Macros that are so popular with our software users. The specific macros each contain the repetitive narrative paragraphs that you can insert into your note with a click. These eliminate typing it over and over for each patient. Learn how the macros work and see how you can edit them to make them your own words.

ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractic Practices

Posted Oct. 14th 2015. Description: Another free webinar on the diagnosis codes topic and how our software will make your ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition easy. Macros will not be covered in this one because the previous webinar was all about macros. This webinar will show you the actual system functionality for finding codes, choosing your diagnosis codes based upon your ICD-9 diagnosis codes, how to search for your codes, plus how to save the codes, save the searches and group them for future use the next day.

chiropractic software ready for ICD-10

ICD-10 First Webinar in 2014

New diagnosis codes will soon be upon us on October 1st.  Don’t count on the Federal Government to push this date like they did last year.  Make sure your chiropractic practice is ready by learning from this short webinar.

chiropractic software is ready for ICD-10

ICD-10 Second Webinar in 2014

This is the second webinar that we produced on the coming diagnosis code changes to your chiropractic practice.  Please watch the one above first because this one builds upon that one.

ICD-10 for chiropractic