Practice Growth Through Chiropractic Software

First Impressions Does Dr. Ben really know how to run his practice growth? Ben sat on the bench in the museum’s Impressionists room, staring at a giant canvas. His wife and son were strolling [...]

Start Building Chiropractic SOAP Notes With XMR Technology

By Erez Lirov — CTO XMR stands for eXtensible Medical Records technology which was created as part of the Vericle platform to help chiropractors save time on patient visit documentation. [...]

Improve PVA With Integrated Posture Assessments

If you are looking for a way to improve the Patient Visit Average (PVA) and increase profitability as part of your “new patient” marketing efforts, you should consider using the posture [...]

Is PVA BS for chiropractic?

A notable number of first time chiropractic patients never return for scheduled subsequent visits. This frequently occurs due to headaches, fatigue or even soreness perceived to be related to the [...]