How Genesis Chiropractic Software Can Help You Build Retention In Your Practice!

How’s your Patient Retention? Picture this; you start noticing a strange phenomenon going on in your office. You can’t explain it, but people seem to be disappearing. Every time you think [...]

From the Wrist Watch, to Siri, to Smart Software

Ask a room full of under 25 year old professionals if they are wearing a wrist watch.  If you are over 25 you will be surprised at how few are actually wearing one.  Why?  The digital world has [...]

Start Building Chiropractic SOAP Notes With XMR Technology

By Erez Lirov — CTO XMR stands for eXtensible Medical Records technology which was created as part of the Vericle platform to help chiropractors save time on patient visit documentation. [...]

Is Your Chiropractic Software A Piece of Junk?

The word “Guarantee” is good, but No Regret is what you really want. I bought an iPad about three months ago and it is obsolete today.  Sound familiar? Imagine if it cost $15,000? [...]