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Chiropractic EHR Software | Symmetry Spine and Wellness Center Dream Practice of the Month

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Genesis Chiropractic Software screenshotDr. Cynthia Boyd knows how to build a chiropractic dream practice: it takes hard work, a concerted team effort, and the expertise of Genesis chiropractic software and billing staff.

“I have my dream practice,” says Dr. Boyd. “There are not many areas that need improvement.”

The key to success for Dr.Boyd is balancing all aspects of practice management using Genesis cloud-based chiropractic software: “The [Genesis] system is amazing. I was 3,000 miles away for a month and I knew exactly what was going on.”
Dr. Boyd doesn’t have time to micromanage her staff. With Genesis, she can easily track everyone’s individual performance anytime from anywhere. Dr. Boyd can also keep an eye on vital Key Performance Indicators, such as chiropractic billing, with the Genesis Radar. Best of all, Dr. Boyd does not have to change the way she runs her practice to optimize her workflow, complete her patient SOAP notes, and control compliance.
As Dr. Boyd keeps growing her practice, she uses Genesis workflow engine to help manage teamwork among her staff and Genesis support team. The staff at Symmetry Spine and Wellness Center keeps the AR past 120 days low at 8 percent by consistently clearing the claims workbench while the weekly phone communications with her Practice Success Coach Heather Miller ensure her practice gets paid in full and on time.
Coach Heather Miller:
“Dr. Boyd is passionate about what she does and her business. She has found a balance with her practice and all of the other projects that she works on. Dr. Boyd trusts her employees to do their jobs without having to micromanage them. She has a great staff that works well together to get the job done and continue to grow the practice.  In the end it all comes down to teamwork.”
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