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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #’s 14 and 15 Multi Location and Network Effect

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Multiple locations client service system their prices are per location. Right so if you want to look at the data across multiple practices this may rain out to you. If you want to look at data across multiple practices you can’t do that without third-party software meaning go to my pc or something like that. You certainly can’t aggregate data meaning take practice take data from practice A and practice B mush it all together and see how many you patients I got across all my practices. How many you know what’s my retention what’s my PVA across all practices. And then drill into that those metrics those key performance indicators which you can only access while you’re at the office or remotely with gotomypc. Our system you can access all that information anywhere but you can’t aggregate the data and drill into it and see which perform which practices performing better compare them side to side you might have multiple doctors in each location you want to compare doctors doctor doctor across practices none of that’s possible with a client service system. Our pricing includes multiple locations there’s 24/7 access to all the data and the data can be aggregated. We have whole organizations franchises which put our system in every office and then they aggregate all of that data across all their practices and compare and contrast practice by practice and see which ones are more efficient less efficient which area and they wind up changing their processes and procedures in those offices based on the comparative data analysis. Also research is really huge for this. You know technique groups like CVP are now having all their practices that purchase our system and use it and they’re using the posture array data that that gets put into our database and they’re going to be able to look at that data across all the practices that are that are subscribing to the CVP methods. Let’s say for one research project and look at all the patient data across all those practices independent of which practice they came from and see how the technique or that research project is working what were the results etc. Network effect this is huge this I can’t even I can’t go into how valuable this is not just for you but for chiropractic as a whole there’s no artificial intelligence built into a client-server system because there’s no network. I’ll get into that in a second. So for example your staff must find claims this is our biggest differentiating factor. With a client service system there’s no rules built in so a lot of your staff is wasting time just finding for example insurance claims this applies to other areas too but they’re looking for the insurance claim that they have to call on that takes them at least half the time before they even get on the phone call on the claim. Alright so finding its waste tremendous amount of waste of time it’s inefficient and what’s worse about that is you actually don’t know how much work they’re supposed to find as opposed to how much they did find. With our system since it’s web-based it’s built into a database when you log into the system the rules are built into a centralized database we’re actually analyzing the billing data across all of our practices. We’re helping build in rules that find claims for you and push them to your team. Now you can outsource your billing to us or you can keep it in-house but the point is the rules engine that finds those claims is leveraged across the entire network and the more doctors that join the web-based platform genesis the more data we get the better that rules engine gets. So you not only you buying with with Genesis you’re getting on a network a web-based platform that’s better just for your practice and the cost that we already explained. But it’s better because it helps everybody that joins every time somebody joins the network that means more claims into the system that means the rules get better that means your staff gets more efficient at follow-up or if you’re outsourcing our teams get more efficient at following up for you. So imagine this insurance company changes one rule. They want a certain diagnosis code in position one and they didn’t in the past well as soon as we find that rule we build it into the system and everybody and it says basically if you didn’t do this it tells you right away that it didn’t happen properly it sends it back to your office and you can see that instantly you can correct it and resubmit it in real time. So now what happened in that situation let’s say we found out about that rule because of your claim we built that ruling because we found out about that claim in your billing. Well as soon as we build that ruling everybody is immune to that insurance company tactic. Right so it’s like a shared immunity concept where your practice gets sick for a little bit because of an insurance company tactic. We find the antidote the antibody if you would we build it into the system. Everybody’s immune to that with a client server system that doesn’t happen you have to find it on your own you have to build a new process into your office not into the software because you can’t do that and you have to correct the problem and assuming you do all that nobody else knows about it nobody else benefits from so chiropractic as a whole does not benefit. So whether or not you’re in store you keeping with our system whether or not you’re doing your own billing or outsourcing it to us everybody leverages that artificial intelligence that’s being built then there’s patents that are that are owned based on the artificial intelligence that’s built into our system. We’re going to talk I say see more with work flow on this. Workflow is the main thing that we discussed you’ll see it in other videos work flow when I tell when doctors come to me I tell them a short story and I asked them the question what we come to the quick conclusion of is you’re probably looking for software because you think you have a software problem. The big picture of this and what you want to actually look into and learn more about is work flow what that means what the value of that is how that will save you dozens of hours of mankind every month tens of thousand dollars thousands of dollars to life your practice higher retention better patient results more referrals the whole nine yards. So you want to learn more about workflow and realize that you don’t have a software problem that you’re trying to solve here whether its compliance your cash flow or retention or any of that you have a workflow problem. A little bit more about the network effect and I mentioned this a little briefly earlier but with a client server system you buy that server you get that data none of that data can be shared or viewed or aggregate or analyze been real research team. Certain techniques like CVP and other production based techniques are able to access all the data across qmultiple practices and in those practices multiple patients for research purposes and if they want to outline a research study and have certain practices that are using our systems subscribe to that they can actually access that data. And analyze it from multiple different angles and take that data and send it off to Emory University and publish real research based on the data. So imagine being able to use the data where in the past it maybe they want to design a research study and they do that research study on multiple patients in one practice for CVP imagine being able to analyze the data for thousands of patients across hundreds of practices across the country that are that are actually doing the research in those offices. That’s the difference with research.