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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #1 Remote Access

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So the first reason simplest reason why you would want a web-based system is in a client-server system there is no remote access. If you want remote access to that system or that data or parts of that system you’re going to have to pay an additional expense. Meaning go to my pc or something like that. In which case you have to hope that you left your computer’s on in that office because you have to have them on in order to log into those computers. With a web-based platform you have 24 7 access to the entire system regardless of whether or not you left your computer on in the office or not you can log into that system from anywhere there’s internet connection. So you can log in from your your iPhone your iPad your laptop your computer at home your desk in your office on your laptop from the couch anywhere you want to anytime anywhere. You have access what does that mean you? have access to all your kpi your key performance indicators for your practice. So whether you want to look at your billing you want to look at your attention your scheduler your charts all that stuff you want to look at periodically you have a question you think about over the weekend or something you want to just quickly access you can again and do that 24-7 anytime anywhere. Your schedule your documentation a lot of doctors there’s just a couple of things they want to finish up at home or sometimes there’s certain changes you want to make in your documentation while you’re practicing you realize there’s something you want to add to your documentation you want to add a button you want to remove a button you want to customize something you think about during practice you have the best intentions to do it while you’re in your off hours after shift and then when the time comes at the end of day just don’t get to it you’re too tired you want to go home. With a web-based system you can do that in particular with our system you can actually create a test for yourself to do that and log in anytime anywhere and get that done. So remote access is a huge advantage when you’re talking about a web-based platform as opposed to the client server system. So the client server system loses and the web-based system as far superior in this circumstance.