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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #4 Data Backup

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Data backed up this is huge the client server systems a lot of times they don’t tell you this when you’re purchasing a system but you have to back up your data somewhere. The old time the old days they used to tell you to back it up in a local hard drive but if something happens to your office you lose both servers and you lose the backup you’re supposed to bring that home every night. You supposed to do it once a week every day it doesn’t happen as we all know that it’s actually something that typically does not happen. And what they’re doing now is recommending that that you backup your data in the cloud so you have to hope that happens that you actually do it every time. You’re not going to be in a position where you can verify that it was done correctly or that data backup actually would work if you needed to restore your data. And even say that all that happens and you do properly it still cost you extra money every month you can count on an extra 50 bucks a month just to back up your data which is ultimately in the internet in the cloud on a cloud-based server anyway. Again that requires your time to confirm that what happened and what if you have multiple locations that has to happen at every location. This on our side is managed by Genesis you don’t have any zero data you have zero downtime so if you do have downtime like again like hurricane sandy. As soon as you need that system again you can log in, log in from anywhere anytime and the same system is sitting there wait waiting for you. You can be in the parking lot in hurricane sandy being the parking lot of where your practice used to be. Pop quote you’ll get a portable table laptop in it and your cell phone you’re back in business. The data in our system is backed up in real time if you back up your data with a client server system it’s typically the best case scenario it’s once a day more likely it’s like once a month. With our system it’s real-time seer if you’re doing a note in our system and you change one thing it’s backed up every few seconds so that change even if your whole practice crashes you can get right back to where you were. You know at the time it crashed because as soon as you log back into the system that note is saved with the changes you made in real time. You don’t have to confirm that the data is backed up actually it shows you on the screen as if being backed up when the last backup happened. It’s just a basic function of a web-based platform. If you have multiple locations it’s also backed up in all locations and not only is that mean the number of locations where you are but it also is backed up in multiple locations on our side so there’s redundancy built into the back up. For your practice if you back it up on a hard drive and bring it home that’s it that’s your only hope if something happens on our side the data is backed up in a secure data center again our data center was is actually in New Jersey one of them is in New Jersey it was basically in the direct path of hurricane sandy it experienced zero downtime. It stayed up the entire through hurricane sandy. All the data was maintained. The data within the data center it’s not just on our server we have multiple servers which are backing each other up repeatedly throughout the day and then we have other redundancy built in where we have servers in other locations one of which is in florida for example. Again backing each other up web-based platform again when stands up.