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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #7 Data Security

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Data security –

What software companies don’t want you to know about your data security and liability

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Data security it is important. So internal network on your on the client server side you have an internal network and online intake is susceptible to that. So your internal network is your internal network you have to maintain those firewalls they’re much easier to hacks it’s much easier to hack it your your network in your office than it is to pack the client a web-based system. Now for some systems they doubt that they have a way patients can fill things in online nice for client server system. Well that adds another susceptibility to your practice that’s another portal a hacker can get into. Client server systems are actually less secure if it was a web-based platform like ours and you have a client patient that wants to fill in forms online the entire network is one. It’s seamless right see so the data security and the ability to hack in is lower with a web-based system. If the firewall breaks down it’s your responsibility so a lot of insurance companies a liability cover companies have a liability coverage for data hacking. That it’s becoming more and more prevalent you should check with your carrier right now and we actually have it. Every doctor who has a client-server system should get it because if the fire if your system is hacked and the data is hacked into it’s actually your responsibility. You have to show that you did everything possible to actually maintain that firewall and the security that Network. And as you know networks change technology changes HIPAA compliance changes the odds that you’re going to keep up with all of those requirements and actually be up to speed on need protection and the security of your network is low. Let’s be honest we’re busy we’re running practices it’s the last thing you want to do. Think about and it’s the last thing you’re going to get to that means you susceptible with a web-based platform it’s a hundred percent data encryption. All the time up to speed with HIPAA compliance. It’s what we do we one of the main core confidences competencies of our business is to make sure our data is always packed up and encrypted in to speed with all the HIPAA requirements government requires requirements as as the technology changes that were always up to speed with that. In this case liability coverage is always a good idea i’m not saying you don’t have to have it. I don’t want to put that out there but what you have to show in the case where your data is compromised is that you took every measure possible to secure it. So if you have a system like a web-based platform that is doing this for you. And we have a contract together that’s part of our agreement that we’re going to maintain your data up to the security measures that were supposed to. So the on us is really on us a decade now. The theory that well your data can get hacked no matter what that’s true it can always get hacked no matter what. The question is not whether or not data gets hacked that the question is where is the bigger liability and bigger likelihood. The bigger likelihood is definitely on a client server system the bigger liability is going to be on you if you have a client server system.