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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #6 What if I need my data, do I own it?

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Data ownership at times the only person you ever learn about a client-server system is I’m sorry about the only time you learn about a web-based system and advantages or disadvantages is from somebody that is selling a client-server system. I’ve heard this a million times that’s just not true whether or not you own the data. You own your data with a client server system that data that’s in that server that’s in your office of course you own it. You change systems old server and the data you need has to be maintained by you and you still have to keep that server with the old software or some version of that license. On that server they don’t tell you that comes with a cost so even if you want to switch off of their system they’re going to still make you pay something to keep a version of their software in case you want to get to that data. A lot of systems out there charge you well over I think it’s like fifteen hundred dollars just to have a version where you can get to your notes and then you have you have to keep that. So if you want to access your past records it’s difficult so now imagine you want to switch systems even to another client server system that means two servers that you have to maintain two data bases that you have to maintain. And if something happens it compounds the problem not to mention the additional cost. Our system any system you own the debt but HIPAA rules you own the data whether it’s the met the question is whether or not you want to get to the data and if you do how do you get to it if you don’t what is the cost of not getting to that data when when you don’t need it. With our system you don’t have to pay us anything let’s say you were a client of ours and you left. You don’t have to pay us anything until you need that data so of course you can before you leave our system if you want to go on a new system you can download as much as you want you can print patient charts on PDFs you can keep all that in your in your office you can export Excel spreadsheet you can get all the data you want. But what if you want that up three years from now for a patient file because of some litigation or a patient needs the data whatever the case may be and you want to get to it. We don’t charge you 15 hundred dollars two thousand dollars just to keep a license just so you can maintain the license on your server and keep that on as on you the whole time and have to worry about HIPAA etc and then when you need it three years from now. Remember how to get to it and hope it’s still there. A lot of times what we’ll do first of all we keep all that data and we have to buy HIPAA law. You can access at any time a lot of times what we’ll do is we’ll charge a doctor to get access to the system for the month. That they need it will we usually just charge per month and something like ninety nine dollars for the month and you get all the charts again that you need if I was three years from now you just you get everything you need and and then it’s over. But you don’t pay us unless you need it. So in either case this whole misconception that you don’t own data or you do own that just because your system is client server based or web-based there’s there’s no correlation to you owning the data to the type of system you have. You own the data you can get to it the question is what are you going to what are you going to do when you need the data in the future what’s going to be the process for you which is more inconvenient what’s more costly to maintain clearly is the client server system is much more costly much more time consuming. Data ownership is a web-based side is again a winner.