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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #8 What if my internet goes down?

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Loss of internet. All right so what happens if you lose the internet? With a client service system I got this again all the time and all the time the only people you’ve ever learned of whether or not an internet-based system or web-based system is better for you.So where this misconception comes from a lot of times is from the only education you’ve gotten is from somebody that sells a client-server system. So the client server system your updates are not available so you can’t get the updates that’s the worst thing that can happen if your internet goes down. With our system the internet going down in your office is not the end of the world anymore. Maybe five years ago that was a little bit harder than it is now but I can run an entire practice off with an iphone. With wireless internet connection and that is still one hundred percent data encrypted everything is still one hundred percent HIPAA compliant everything is still good so with a client server system. Worst case as you can’t get your updates worst case with the internet system web-based system is you can’t get on the system your can’t access your data for a little bit of time but again if your crash box I call it I used to work in the in as a waiter when I was younger as a student and we had a crash box if the power went out or something there was a crash box and you to open it and their pens and pencils and old school order forms you see if diners and things you could still run your business off of calculators. The crash box for a web-based platform when the internet goes down is your iphone. And then your systems right back up and running as long as you set it up that way from the beginning it should be no problem.