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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #12 Integration With Other Software

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Integrations with the client server systems. They’re way more manual process. Literally they’re plugins their iPad applications all those are like I told you earlier security risks. There are more manual process so the integration of the data exchange between those applications and the actual database is way more manual when. They’re more manual like for example uploading billing data to clearing houses and exchanging data between credit card processing systems and all that stuff. Not only is it not as efficient, but it takes time for your your staff and your team to do it God forbid it’s you but there’s actually time that it takes people to do that. There’s time and it’s error-prone whenever you involve a person doesn’t matter how good their intention and just use yourself as an example you make mistakes I make mistakes when I have to be involved in a process that is mission critical to my business. Even with the best intentions knowing if I don’t do it right it’s going to cost me money I always can make a mistaken you know periodically I did I will do it. With a web-based platform they’re way more automated for example credit card processing and automated payments posting directly to patient accounts happens in real time. Uploads to clearing houses and imports of electronic EOB all happens in real time automatically. There’s no manual processes involved doesn’t take your staff and do it there’s definitely less training time for all that stuff so you have little to no staff involvement less error there’s less risk of less compliance risk list. When we talked about data and data security and there’s also less risk to your to your revenue.